Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Assassin of The Fist for Tunnels & Trolls

Shadow & Blade: A Guide to Assassins in Tunnels & Trolls is out now, so I wanted to share a little excerpt from the book - namely the new character type Assassin of The Fist. You can pay what you want and download the book from DriveThruRPG.

Assassin of The Fist

Descendants of the great Kawanaka, assassins of The Fist are experts in martial arts and remaining unseen. They haunt the night, slipping through windows and wrapping a garotting wire around their target, or dispatching of them with a blow dart tipped with venom.

Prerequisites: 14+ DEX, 12+ STR
Prime Attributes: DEX/SPD/INT/STR

Recommended Talents

Poison Making (INT)
Knowledge of the Streets (INT)
Acrobat (DEX)
Calm under pressure (INT)
Blend in with the Crowd (INT)
Stealth (DEX)
Climbing (STR)
Dead aim (DEX)
Slow heart rate (CON)

Recommended Gear

Throwing stars
Caltrops, small
Bagh nakh (tiger claws)
Blowpipe and darts
Grapple hook and rope
Stone-fish toxin
Scorpion venom
Soft leather armour

Special Rules

The assassin of The Fist is an adept martial artist. When in hand-to-hand combat without a weapon, the assassin rolls 3 dice to attack. However, they may not use any weapon aside from unusual weapons with 2 dice or under, any dagger or ranged weapons with 2 dice or under.

The Fist assassin is excellent at stealth, meaning she always rolls a level under the saving roll she is required to make for her Stealth talent. So a level 3 saving roll becomes a level 2 saving roll.

Assassins cannot afford to be weighed down by armour, so can only wear full suits of quilted silk/cotton and soft leather armour. They may also not wear helms, as they can constrict vision and they may only wear a leather jerkin on the torso. They may not use shields. They may, however, wear any leg or torso armour.

When an assassin is in the dark they are considered to be invisible, reducing enemy combat totals against the assassin by 50%.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Shadow & Blade: A Guide to Assassins in Tunnels & Trolls is out now!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for sticking with my little blog into 2015. As a celebration, I have release Shadow & Blade: A Guide to Assassins in Tunnels & Trolls as a pay what you want title.

They are some of the most feared people in the world - expert killers, proficient with poisons, blades, stealth and even magic. Assassin orders have embedded themselves into cities across Trollworld, from the 'Kingkillers' of Crown and Thorn to the Robin Hood-like Fist. You will never see them coming and then it will be too late.

Shadow & Blade is a guide for Tunnels & Trolls 7th edition, but can be converted easily to 5th and the upcoming Deluxe edition of the game. Inside, you will find the following:

  • 3 Assassin Orders, each with their own styles and back stories: The Fist, Crown and Thorn, and The Order of Crows
  • Tips on how to fit Assassin Orders into your game
  • 4 new Assassin character types: The Classical Assassin, The Assassin of The Fist, The Toxic Assassin and The Mage Assassin
  • A short solo adventure called The Assassin's Test, allowing you to put your new assassin through the ringer

Download Shadow & Blade now.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Village on the Hill: all-ages non-violent storytelling game now available

I hope you're having a fantastic holiday season and that you got everything you wanted from Santa. I just wanted to announce the release of a little storytelling game called The Village on the Hill, which you can pay what you want to download.

In the game, players become little spirits called Kami, who have to help the villagers on the Hill overcome obstacles in their daily lives. Together the players craft a collaborative story focused on teamwork and positivity - there are no combat rule here.

Each Kami has their own coloured aura, which helps them undertake tasks. For instance, a Kami with the purple Aura of the Body is strong and athletic. Character sheets are kept incredibly simple, with a focus on storytelling and interaction over rules.

The game uses a framework of obstacles, consequences and resolutions to build a shared story.

I've released The Village on the Hill in beta form, so please feel free to offer feedback on how to improve the game.

Download The Village on the Hill now.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Preview: Wolverines #1

Now that Wolverine is dead and all that, what comes next? Marvel has given us a sneak preview of Wolverines #1, which launches in January.

From the press release:

His death was only the beginning. Spinning directly out of the chart-topping Death of Wolverine, The Logan Legacy and The Weapon X Program comes a brand-new weekly series kicking off this January in WOLVERINES #1! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at the blockbuster first issue from the star-studded creative team of Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes, Alisson Borges and All-New Young Gun artist Nick Bradshaw!

Wolverine may be dead, but the weekly journey is just beginning as his mortal remains, now encased in the rare and powerful adamantium, are up for grabs. The battle begins as various factions vie for control of this valuable artifact. But why does it matter so much? And why is a war brewing in Logan’s name?

Death is on the books for a number of Marvel’s heroes and villains, and Mystique is playing chess with them all. X-23, Daken, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, the mysterious man known only as Sharp and many, many more!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection will feature Dredd's most famous stories

Judge Dredd has a long history, with some incredible story arcs, so it seems natural that 2000 AD should collate some of the best runs on the comic into a hardback collection.

Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection will be a fortnightly collection of stories by 2000 AD and Hachette Partworks that covers legendary stories like America, The Cursed Earth and Apocalypse War.

With stories that have never before been reprinted, The Mega Collection will give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the development of classic characters, scenes and storylines with:
-              specially commissioned feature content exploring Dredd’s world
-              interviews with the creators
-              previously unseen sketches and designs

The collection sounds like the perfect pick for anyone who wants to get into Dredd comics but might not really know where to start.

Issue one will be available at all good newsagents in the UK and Ireland from 21st January 2015 and you can subscribe here.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I am the thaw - check out these Judge Dredd cosplay penguins

That's 30 years in the 'ice-o cubes' (I slay me), creep! Blind Mouse Toys and 2000AD have come together to create a penguin cosplaying as Judge Dredd. Yes, this was one of the weirder releases I received today.

This Judge Dredd-flavoured bird is the first in the 'Cosplay Penguin' line, and can be yours for $40. Creds not accepted. It stands 11.5cms, features a comic-accurate costume and, get this, a non-removable helmet. Makes sense.

Produced under license from Rebellion and 2000 AD, Cosplay Judge Dredd Penguin was sculpted and painted by Joe Amaro with box art by Eamon O'Donoghue. The first 1,000 orders will receive a frameable copy of O'Donoghue’s box art.

To get all the latest news on the Cosplay Judge Dredd Penguin go to the Blind Mouse Toys Facebook page.