Monday, 5 December 2016

Of Cinderplane Barbarians

As the third sun skims the blurred horizon of the red dust expanse and the Thirk lizard coughs it's morning song, a caravan of riders are an hour into their hunt. Their quarry? Blue Basilisk. Nana Mog whispers of sweet nectar from their calcified eyes, a prize sweet enough for a dawn pursuit.

Cyana Bloodmorrow, High Garg of the Cinderplane Barbarians is inked with the Skorn tatoo, a sign of her ranking and a message to all who may stand against her that she has spilled blood on the sand more times that the sun Vesp has arced the sky. Her man slave Virl rides by her side, clutching a brace of Zenfarr spices his mistress enjoys so much. Crushed into Basilisk bladder, it creates a most delicious soup.

Few children survive the harsh Cinderplane, with its infinite dust storms and desert shriekers that stalk the cloak of night. As all children must do, Cyana was thrown into the fiery crucible of this untamed land and forced to track to the Ebon mountains, retrieve one of the wretch totems from its peak, and return. Her first run in with a Sharn Spider released the barbarian inside and she still carries the carapace sword to this day.

A movement in the dry distance. Cyana halts the party and licks her sore lips. "Bas tund kild," she barks. A Basilisk rears its head and flicks out a darting tongue. "Dren yond kun lo, sintar," she grunts, dismounting. She admires the bright blue streak that runs down the creatures temple and down its back. Virl, sensing an opportunity to impress his mistress, lurches forth with kondi spear in hand. Within seconds he is on top of the creature, thrashing madly with squeals of delight. The High Garg watches her man slave's body become grey and cracked. The statue falls to the dust.

A whip of the neck and the lizard is sprinting at her. She avoids it's gaze and vaults the beast, landing near its tail. She drags her blade down its back and cries a curse of her ancestors. Blood flows like honey from the wound. She cups her hand and takes a drink of Basilisk nectar, finding it pleasing to the palette.

Time to put those spices to work.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Random tavern generator

By 'eck, lads and lasses, it's been a while. I've been neglecting the blog in lieu of creating lots of new game content, but I thought I better get back to it with a new random generator.

Let's make some motherfuckin' taverns.

Architecture (d6)
1. Created from an ancient giant's skull
2. Fungal
3. Hewn from the side of a mountain
4. A pyramid
5. Chock full of non-euclidian geometry
6. Mega-tavern

Quirk (d6)
1. Patrons with beards get 20% off drinks
2. The tavern is a byproduct of a wizard's dream and only exists at night when she sleeps
3. the elk head on the wall occasionally asks for a drink in return for a rumour
4. The place is run by ghosts
5. Part museum dedicated to a local dungeon, exhibiting donated items (some dangerous) and monster taxidermy
6. During an eclipse, the tavern's beer becomes the most valuable and sought after in the universe

Prized beer (d6)
1. Basilisk's Bollocks
2. The Old Spotted Grell
3. Burley's Brown Beard
4. Elf Tears
5. Black Beholder Stout
6. White Wurm Ale

Tavern name part 1 (d6)
1. The Drunken
2. The Brawling
3. The Slaughtered
4. The Frisky
5. The Noble
6. The Laughing

Tavern name part 2 (d6)
1. Mind flayer
2. Mushroom
3. Corpse
4. Ettin
5. Lamb
6. Illusionist

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Adventurer's Guide to Excavation and Plunder

I've got another supplement for In Darkest Warrens coming out very soon called The Adventurer's Guide to Excavation and Plunder, which contains advanced rules for overland and sea travel, weather, traps, new classes, new monsters and more. All of that in 2 pages - what the what?!

Since IDW was released its minimalist approach to fantasy roleplaying. Here's what people are saying:

"I will be getting all products in this line" - Stuart L

"Simply awesome" Perfectly P

"The system is magnificent in its simplicity" Ulrich H

It's pay what you want, so give it a download.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Magnificent Artefacts has arrived

Everyone loves a magic item, which is why you can now download Magnificent Artefacts for In Darkest Warrens today.

This little supplement stays true to the minimalist nature of the game, filling two pages to the brim with 33 new magical items for your game, from the Helm of Voice Alteration to a Harp of Doom.

WTF is In Darkest Warrens? I hear some of you cry from your dank lairs. Pure minimalist fantasy fun, is what it is. Go check it out and pay what you want for the pleasure.

Friday, 15 July 2016

All the good stuff

I've been a bad blogger recently, haven't I? To be fair. It's because I've been working full slog on a number of different projects that sap my extra time away. What's this guy chatting about? Let me tell you.

In Darkest Warrens

The latest launch from Trollish Delver Games is a minimalist fantasy role-playing game. Two sides of A4 for the rules minimalist. Not only do you get the rules, but you get a character sheet, adventure and bestiary all included. It's also pay what you want, so you can't go wrong. Get it here 

Romance of the Perilous Land 

This is role-playing based on British folklore. It's OSR, made with a mish mash of inspirations and is currently in playtesting. Expecting this to launch in the next couple of months.

Magnificent Artefacts 

The first sourcebook for In Darkest Warrens covering sweet ass magical treasure. Expect a release of this by Sunday 17th July.

USR stuff

USR never sleeps, but for once it's not been me putting the books out. Jay Murphy is a stalwart member of the USR community and has produced a heap of great 'hacks' and an adventure in the past month.

USR Sword and Sorcery 
Fear & Loathing USR
Western USR
Shrine of the Keepers

I'm also working on Wolves of Armageddon, a mutant apocalypse game based on USR.

So lot's happening in Trollish Delver land. Big thanks to all you supportive people out there who play my games and aid with playtesting. Maybe next year TDG will make the ENnie fan favourite publisher ballot.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Pulp Hack is available now, pay what you want

A mad scientist has used old schematics from Nikola Tesla and a Peruvian demon stone to create an army of Rasputin clones. A group of robots from the far reaches of the galaxy have landed on Earth to study the brains of prominent composers. A fascist group has uncovered the lost scroll of the deathweaver in the Amazon forest and plans to hold the United States to ransom. These are the deliciously insane plots that you will be dealing with when you play The Pulp Hack.

The Pulp Hack is powered by the amazing rules-lite OSR game The Black Hack, created by David Black. Instead of fantasy, The Pulp Hack plunges your players into a world of spies, private, eyes, masked heroes and mad scientists. If you want a simple ruleset for your pulp game, this is the place to be.
  • Six pulp classes: Adventurer, Masked Avenger, Jungle Master, Scientist, Mystic and Private Investigator.
  • Rules-lite pulp goodness based on the popular The Black Hack
  • Lots of enemies to punch - from fascist soldiers to cyber dragons
  • Resources: forget money, heroes have access to new resources when they level up, unlocking new goodies as you progress
  • Crits just got better - Heroic Surges offer new benefits 
  • Pay what you want!