Sunday, 26 February 2017

Initial sketches for Chronic Planet

Today I've spent a lot of time working on Chronic Planet, both on the art side and the words. I just wanted to share some sketches from the book to give you an idea of the art style.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Announcing Chronic Planet

I'm excited about a new roleplaying project I've just started work on called Chronic Planet. 

What is Chronic Planet?

Think A Princess of Mars meets stoner metal with a heap of 2000 AD. Chronic Planet is John Carter's acid trip to the sound of Orange Goblin. 

What's the system?

The game uses the rules from Romance of the Perilous Land, a spin on OSR. This is simple and can be used with existing OSR modules. 

Who's doing the art?

This is the most daunting part. I want a very specific style for Chronic Planet and I can't afford to pay anyone, so I'm doing it myself. I enjoy doing art but I've never really thought about doing it for a product. This Space Riders cover will give you an idea of the kind of look I'm going for.

Image: Black Mask

When is it out?

Erm, ask me in a few months. Because I'll be doing all of the art, writing and layout I can't imagine it will be anytime soon. 

Games of interest this week (18-25th February)

Welcome to Games of Interest - a weekly summary post of games and supplements that have caught my eye this week. 

Stranger Chrome
Published by John Banner
Price $2.50
Stranger Chrome is a short and simple story game inspired by the coming-of-age struggles from the characters in the TV show Stranger Things married to the near-future dystopia of cyberpunk stories like Burning Chrome. 
We play to answer questions about the world and our character's place in it, and explore how the setting makes our character's lives both easier and harder. It's suitable for 3-5 players and about an evening of play, and can use dice, tokens, or any kind of conflict-resolution system you like.

Published by Shield of Faith Studios
Price $1.99
Welcome to the 18th issue of Crawling Under A Broken Moon, a fanzine dedicated to bringing gonzo post apocalyptic content for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.

This issue contains: 

A new Interesting Place to Die: The Menfish Pyramid of the Bass Masters! 
The Hybird, A new alluring character class
New rules for underwater combat
New rules for watercraft creation and combat
And a passel of new anphibious (sic) beasties to encounter

Published by Lost Pages
Price $9.99
An historical supplement on pilgrimages, relics and religion in the European Middle Ages.
The Poor Pilgrim's Almanack is filled with painstakingly researched essays on religious life (and death) in the middle ages, it lets you use relics and pilgrimage as the basis of an alternative conception of clerical magic. Also included are details on travel, burial customs, catacombs, and the business of relic theft. A travelogue of shrines and other pilgrimage sites, detailed rules for relics and reliquaries, and a listing of historical miracles (corresponding to familiar clerical spells) make this 128 page sourcebook a treasure trove of inspiration. Dozens of adventure seeds and tables for generating encounters on the road, graves and grave goods, and randomized catacomb generation and stocking round out the contents. A new class, the Palmer, provides a novel take on religious adventurers.

Published by Trollish Delver Games (me)
Price PWYW
It's rayguns, aliens and swashbuckling amongst the stars! Astounding Interplanetary Adventures is a minimalist game of pulp sci-fi inspired by serials like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Using the rules-lite system introduced in In Darkest Warrens, these few pages have everything you need to play a fun romp through space, including aliens, rocket ships and setting information. 
All you need is some friends, some six-sides dice and an imagination to begin your life of heroism. Perhaps you want to be a daring pilot, a brave soldier or even a scientist who can build robots to help you out! With AIA it's quick and easy to get to the table and start playing. 
What's included:
5 classes: soldier, noble, pilot, scientist, and athlete Alien bestiary Roll random planets Factions Planets Thrills and spills!

Disclaimer: this is my latest game. Plug plug plug.

Herne the Hunter for Romance of the Perilous Land

Herne the Hunter
HD: 7(17)
HP: 7d6 (21hp)
Attack: Chain (d6+7)
Armour: 3

Special: Herne can blow his horn as an action. Anyone Near must make a Mind save or stop petrified. During this time they are unable to move, but they may take other actions. They can make a Mind save at the end of their turn to see if the effect wears off. In addition, normal weapons do half damage against Herne, while magical weapons and effects do double damage.

Herne the Hunter is a malevolent spirit who wears stag antlers on his head and rides a ghostly mare. The rattle of chains can be heard as he approaches, his eyes burn like hot coals. When he blows his horn a nightmarish wail echoes through the air, terrifying all who hear it. 

Herne has several ghostly followers collectively known as the Dark Hunters (use the stats for ghosts for these).

Friday, 24 February 2017

Random thieves guild generator

Want a thieves guild on the fly? Roll below to discover it's name, leader and guild symbol.

First part of the name 1d10

1. Red
2. Broken
3. Night
4. Damned
5. Deadly
6. Shadow
7. Skulking
8. Dread
9. Black
10. Hell's

Second part of the name 1d10

1. Queens
2. Knives
3. Rats
4. Bones
5. Snakes
6. Chalice
7. Scourge
8. Crowns
9. Coin
10. Dogs

Guild leader first name 1d10

1. Tarvus
2. Aleena
3. Patch
4. Blades
5. Goja
6. Rita
7. Hungar
8. Sticks
9. Fingers
10. Olissia

Guild leader second name 1d10

1. Nightlord
2. Undercroft
3. The Reckless
4. Weaselway
5. Half-moon
6. The Demented
7. Winterwatch
8. Rotten
9. The Daring
10. Two-swords

Guild symbol 1d10

1. Black rose
2. Broken key
3. Grinning skull
4. Crossed daggers
5. Stabbed rat
6. Snake coiled around a sword
7. Two headed dragon
8. Hand with half a finger missing
9. Devil's head
10. Sole of a boot

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Druid class for Romance of the Perilous Land

The druid is among the highest ranked religious figure in society and as such are held in great regard. They are born leaders, physicians, diplomats and lorekeepers. They are masters of divination and lead important ceremonies, including sacrifices. 

HD: 1d6+2
Primary attribute requisite: Mind 12 Weapon Proficiency: Light ranged, light melee. 
Armour Proficiency: Light   
Skills: Religious Knowledge (Mind), Natural Medicine (Mind), Diplomacy (Charisma)

Class Features

Lvl 1: Druidic Magic - druids gain access to the following spells at first level: A Heavenly Light, The Voice of a Hound, Cause the Alert to Slumber, Replenish the Weary and Worn and On Calming the Raging Beast. 

Lvl 3: Sacrifice Evil - once per day a druid may use a sacrificial dagger (which they begin with) to kill an enemy. If they do this, all allies within 100ft gains advantage on their next attack roll. 

Lvl 5: Destroy Evil - once per combat a druid may do +1d6 damage to a malevolent spirit creature. 

Lvl 7: Stand with Me - allies within 20ft of the druid gain 2 extra points of armour. 

Lvl 9: Armour of the Gods - Once per day a druid may pray to the gods to bless them with radiant armour. Attacks against the druid have disadvantage for 10 minutes. The druid also gains 4 extra points of armour until the feature wears off.