Sunday, 26 September 2021

Witch bottle for Romance of the Perilous Land

 Witch bottles are pretty gross, but an effective apotropaic means of warding off witches and malicious spells. A witch bottle is a glass bottle filled with iron nails, human hair and nail clippings. Importantly the latter two must be from the one who needs protecting from magic. 

The witch bottle can only be prepared by a cunning folk, who must take 10 minutes to prepare the object and make a regular magic knowledge check. If successful, the witch bottle is imbued with the requisite powers and the cunning folk can't make another for a day. The power of the witch bottle is fleeting and lasts a day, after which the magic evaporates. If the check is unsuccessful it can't be attempted for another day. 

Someone with a witch bottle on their person gets an edge on saves against spells by witches, hags or crones. Attacks from witches, hags or crones take a setback against the owner of the bottle. 

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Blood Gorge Marauders for Romance of the Perilous Land

Blood Gorge is the colloquial name given to the twenty mile long rocky valley that carves through the north of the kingdom of Gore. Some stories say the gorge was carved by Gogmagog himself during the Galesh uprising, where the giant was said to have scooped up the land and thrown it at an oncoming horde of giants. Others tell of a great worm having snaked through the land creating the gorge itself. Aside from frequent rock slides, travellers must be aware of the marauders that make the gorge their home. Clad in the skins of wolves and mantles of gore-soaked ram's horns, this barbarian clan is no friend of travellers, rushing down from the rocks to slay their prey with their mighty blades. Villagers in the area call them the Horned Wind, as like a deadly wind they show no mercy in tearing homes apart in their sweeping raids. 

Their current leader is Galia the She-Beast, a seven-foot behemoth of a woman whose horns are far larger than her followers'. She's known for ripping out still-beating hearts and devouring them. Some say she is the spawn of giants and humans, while others believe she is the embodiment of nature's wrath. 

If you want to use the Blood Gorge Mauraders in your game, have the heroes come across their savage destruction before they meet the barbarians themselves. Villagers all have different tales to tell, of Galia's cat's eyes to the stench the marauders bring, like rotting meat. Perhaps the Black Lance are trying to strike a bargain with the mauraders to join their ranks. 

Blood Gorge Maurader, HD5(15), HP22, AP5, Atk Sword (d8+5), Special: Unaffected by difficult rocky terrain.

Galia, the She-Beast, HD7(17), HP30, AP7, Atk Sword (d10+7), Special: As an action Galia can use her intimidating glare at anyone within 50ft. The target must make a Cha save or become paralysed until the end of their next turn.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Zealots of the Black Stone

 The Kingdom of Corbenic is in a bad place right now. The wounded Fisher King sits decaying on his throne while his once glorious land falls into chaos. If you've ever wanted to do Arthurian post apocalypse, this is the place to set it.

The Zealots of the Black Stone are a religious sect from the farmlands, led by High Priestess Ruana. They believe that an obsidian menhir, the Black Stone, holds the key to moving Corbenic to a new golden age. The Zealots are less inclined towards going back to the way things were, but instead ushering in an age where Corbenic is ruled by the cryptic teachings of the stone. Ruana has nightly prayers by the stone and each dawn reveals a new proclamation the stone has made, from where they should plant new crops to who their next sacrifice should be. And that's human sacrifice - ragged villagers being ripped from their beds and murdered on the menhir, the blood channeling into the stone's etchings. 

In actuality the stone doesn't speak. It was erected by the giants in their time as a marker point, its cryptic etchings revealing the names of the giants who lived in the area at the time (those who speak giant and make a tough history check can figure this out). Ruana served as chaplain to the Fisher King and believes that he has been cursed by the gods and forsaken. 

Her group is likely to take up arms against anyone who attempts to disprove the rock's sentience. Ruana herself is a cunning woman who specialises in scrying. 

Friday, 27 August 2021

The Dullahan for Romance of the Perilous Land

The Dullahan is a headless rider who carries their grinning head under one arm and a whip crafted from a human spine in another. They are harbingers of death, emerging from the soil to reap the souls of the living and carry them to the underworld. If the Dullahan calls your name, your fate is sealed. 


HP 36

AP 10

Attack: Spine whip (melee) or Call name (ranged, 100ft)

Damage: d10+8 (melee)


- If the Dullahan calls a victim's name, they must make a Mind save or be marked for death. A character marked for death takes double damage from the Dullahan. The Dullahan must be aware of a victim's name to be able to use the call name attack. 

- The Dullahan can move 40ft per turn 

- When the Dullahan reaches 0HP it returns to the ground where it takes 2d6 nights to fully regenerate it's HP. 

- The Dullahan is weak to gold. If struck with a weapon laced with gold, it takes an extra d10 damage. 

Thursday, 26 August 2021

The Nut Nan for Romance of the Perilous Land

 Today I'm injecting some Mancunian folklore into the Perilous Land, with the Nut Nan. This fey creature resembles an old woman smoking a long pipe and wielding a constantly hot poker. She sits in trees to stop youths from taking her ripe hazelnuts. While she never goes so far as to use lethal force, she doesn't mind giving someone a whipping with her poker, much to her glee.

Nut Nan 

HD2, HP 9, AP 2

Attack: Hot poker (melee)

Damage: d6+2

No. Appearing: 1-4

Special: The Nut Nan is treated as being invisible while sitting in a tree.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Gawain for Romance of the Perilous Land

Sir Gawain is a young and headstrong member of the Round Table. He's fiercely loyal to Arthur and his companions and his passions have been known to run so high to obscure his better judgement. A charming, handsome man, Gawain is known for taking male and female lovers (they say he can talk the feathers off a hen, whatever that means). With his horse Gringolet he rides the Perilous Land on special quests, wielding the enchanted sword Galatine, Excalibur's twin. Merlin himself taught Gawain healing skills, though the knight could never reach the mastership of the old conjurer. 

Sir Gawain 

Class: Knight 

Background: Outrider

Faction: Knights of the Round Table

Level 8

Might 21, Reflex 17, Charisma 20, Mind 15, Constitution 17

HP: 47

AP: 18

Skills: Riding, Perception, Athletics, Survival,  Persuasion, Bluff, Intimidate

Talents: Charming, Jack of all Trades, Master Healer, Shield Expert, Swift Recovery 

Weapon: Galatine (shortsword) d8 (after noon but before dusk becomes a d10 weapon). 

Armour: Plate 12, Tower Shield 6

Art: Alan Lathwell for Romance of the Perilous Land.