Monday 28 April 2014

Don't Burn After Reading: Reviewing Fiasco

Warning: This review contains strong language

"How much can you trust the people around you?" I ask with a knowing smile, "Anyone could take advantage of you. Anyone could fuck you over."

"If someone tries to fuck me, I want to to tell me so I can fuck them right back," Pete says, viciously prodding at the air. I nod and continue to pull the weeds while he receives a massage in the middle of his garden.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Comixology removes in-app purchases from iOS, gives user $5

Amazon's acquisition of digital comics platform Comixology didn't go unnoticed by comics fans recently, some hailing it at a new dark age for the medium. It seems like the wheels are now in motion as Comixology have now removed the option of in-app purchases in iOS. Google Play still has the option, but you are redirected to the Comixology store front. For the inconvenience, every user has been given $5 to spend on lovely comics.

USR and Halberd Fantasy get Spanish translations

Good news for Spanish fans of super lite roleplaying. Both USR and Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying have been translated into Spanish by Parvus Domus - thanks Parvus!

You can head over to his blog to download the rules for free.

Monday 14 April 2014

Fan brings USR beasts to life in Bestiary

I've seen some great USR projects recently and I was chuffed when David Garrett got in touch to say he had done a bestiary for the system.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

The path to the tiger: reviewing Ninja!

It's a difficult decision. Do I just give in and offer him all my worldly possessions right there and then? Or do I risk lying and joining him in his murderous gang in the hope of taking it down from the inside? 

Bofu glares at me as I step forward, swearing fealty to him and his people. It's not an action I take lightly, knowing that this could cost me in the ranks of the Kwon, my people. He tells me that to trust me, I must cut any allegiance I have to my gods. 

My gods are vengeful.