Sunday 21 May 2017

Introducing Doom of the Savage Land

Bloody hell, I can't do it. After creating Tequendria I was going to take a break, but I decided to release Wired Neon Cities. After that I again decided to take a break, but that's not happening.

Doom of the Savage Land is my new thing that I'm working on. I wanted to take the Romance of the Perilous Land system - a blend of 5e and white box - and design a game more akin to D&D. Romance is very much its own game, so Doom of the Savage Land will be my own response to things like Swords and Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord.

If you're familiar with Romance, you'll know that I did away with Vancian magic, instead using a points system. This is staying in Doom, but I'm lacing the book with conversion advice because I'm so very helpful.

Classes I have written up so far: Fighter, Wizard, Thief, Cleric and Ranger. I'll likely add Barbarian too. Races are human, elf, dwarf, halfling and ratling. Yep, rats, baby!

Doom has refined some of the classes for Romance and I've added a few more options - such as martial styled for fighters and thief archetypes, so you can be, like, an assassin. Also, multiclassing is an option.

Also like Romance, HD works like MR in Tunnels and Trolls - giving you everything you need in a single number. It's also fully compatible with other editions. I love simplicity, being a simple chap myself.

In terms of release - who knows? I've got the system down, I'm just building it out.

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Praise for Wired Neon Cities

Reviewers have been kind to Wired Neon Cities, my new minimalist cyberpunk game.

"Anyway, this game is a ton of fun. And for ~$1.50 it’s a great quick and dirty RPG you can put together with your friends, but it’s also a great tool for really looking at what makes cyberpunk. That’s what these games do–they capture the barest essence of a thing and present it to you. And seeing how other people do it is a great way to add texture to your own endeavours." - Bell of Lost Souls

Read full review.

"WNC is a game that makes me want to play it. The rules fit together nicely and are wonderful in their simplicity. It would also be a good introductory system for beginners. No weird AC, grid based combat, and complex sub-systems." - Die Heart

Read full review.

"I recommend Wired Neon Cities. It’s fun and simple and captures the essence of 80s cyberpunk genre." - Jesse C

Like what you read? Download here.

Monday 15 May 2017

1d20 things in a witch's hovel

Hubble, bubble, yada yada. Here's some witchy stuff. Roll a d20.

1. Three-headed turtle with a bio-luminescent shell
2. Cat familiar (HD1/2) with one eye. Its claws are laced with arsenic
3. Bowl of curdled milk with an eyeball floating in it
4. A wooden toy depicting one of the PCs. It's sat on a table next to an assortment of knives
5. A dry cauldron with a mummified baby monkey in the bottom
6. A dead king rat hung up in the rafters
7. A blasphemous book called the Doomus Demonicus. Reading it requires an intelligence-based save or the PC goes a bit mad for 1d4 days. They are unable to talk in this time and take a disadvantage or -2 to all saving throws.
8. A statue of a devilish figure, blackened with fire. It smells of rotten egg and you swear its mouth wasn't open when you first saw it.
9. A bloated frog inflated with poison gas. Touching it releases the gas, poisoning all in the vicinity
10. A broomstick that is hovering slightly above the floor
11. A purse containing a large crab claw attached to a chain
12. A human skull with the tongue still in tact. The skull will speak of foul omens when midnight arrives
13. A staff that, if held without saying the sacred words of the black wind, turns into an adder (HD1)
14. A mirror that when held up to the back of the hovel, reveals the location of a hidden panel containing several trinkets.
15. A small box of dead bees
16. A cloak with a crow talon in the hood
17. A stuffed hare whose eyes have been replaced with that of a human. Inside the hare is a key
18. A scroll of teleport rolled up inside a hollow torch handle
19. A music box that plays a tune that hypnotises the listener (requires a wisdom save or equivalent). The hypnotised will be susceptible to the witch's mind control, should they say the word 'buzzard'. If so, they are under the thrall of the witch for 1d4 minutes.
20. A bat pinned to the wall. It is riddled with disease and if touch will disease a PC. Constitution save or equivalent required.

Saturday 13 May 2017

Random character generator - Wired Neon Cities

Roll up a random cyberpunk character for Wired Neon Cities.

Class 1d6:

1. Gunner
2. Cyberblade
3. Face
4. Hacker
5. Doc
6. Mechanic

Primary attribute 1d4

1. Brawn
2. Nimble
3. Person
4. Mind

Starting augmentation 1d10 (roll twice)

1. Air tank
2. Arm blades
3. Climbing arms
4. Eagle eye
5. Eye projector
6. Head jack
7. Hidden pocket
8. Night vision
9. Telescopic vision
10. Translator

First name 1d10

1. Quinn
2. Bitch
3. Barcode
4. Big
5. Cage
6. Ryder
7. Bullet
8. Patch
9. Drexler
10. Viz

Second name 1d10

1. 6
2. The Punisher
3. Able
4. Twyst
5. Rigger
6. Shocker
7. Smoke
8. Two Blades
9. Glitch
10. Steel

Ex or Current Job 1d10

1. Corp peon
2. DJ
3. Thief
4. Ganger
5. Food truck cook
6. Private Eye
7. Cab driver
8. Model
9. Unemployed
10. Mall security

Friday 12 May 2017

Random bard song generator

Bards of the land, roll for your songs:

First part - 1d10

1. The Little
2. My lovely
3. Your saucy
4. The skipping
5. The flowers and the
6. The darling
7. The sky is a
8. The eye of the
9. Mary the
10. The incredible

Second part - 1d10

1. Pony
2. Basilisk
3. Potato
4. Ball of cheese
5. Dream lantern
6. Snot goblin
7. Starspawn
8. Ghoul
9. Bum cheek
10. Whistling piggy

Thursday 11 May 2017

The Order of the Fisher King - Romance of the Perilous Land

The kingdom of The Fisher King is a crumbling wasteland - a grey husk of a body, reflecting the King's own condition. A severe leg wound from an enchanted spear carried by Mordred has caused him to become house bound, unable to move far. As his body withers, so does his castle and the lands around him.

The ailing monarch gathered his remaining Knights to for the Order of the Fisher King, a group that seeks to find the magical artefacts that could cure their King's leg and ensure his kingdom flourishes once more. These gallant few risk their lives travelling the Perilous Land, coming up against the foul agents of Mordred, the Sisters of Le Fey and untold creatures who horde such treasures.

The Order dress in scarlet garb, branded with their coat of arms: a fish with a crown. Their ranks are as follows:

Sir Brom
HD 8 (18)
Attacks: Longsword or short bow
Special: After hitting a target, Sir Brom may make a second attack against that or another adjacent target.

Sir Brom is a grizzled knight and the oldest of the order. A scar streaks down his left cheek, a wound from an encounter with Modred himself. His wife was killed by bandits eleven years ago and to this day he adorns his helm with a white rose in remembrance. Despite being an effective killer, Brom is a calm soul with a soft voice. In fact, he rarely speaks.

Lady Ellyn
HD 7 (17)
Attacks: Shortsword
Special: Lady Ellyn gains advantage on saving throws.

Lady 'Sword Dancer's Ellyn is one of the most brilliant Knights in the land. Her life has been harrowing - as a girl she was captured by a group of witches in the deep woods and kept prisoner, wasting away from lack of nourishment, save the odd rat tail or cricket. She eventually managed to slay the witches while they slept and escape the woods. Because of this, she is distrustful of new people and certainly can't abide witches (or witch adjacent).

Lady Isabel
HD 6 (16)
Attacks: Flail
Special: as an action, Lady Isabel may blow a horn causing targets within 30ft of her to make a Mind saving throw. If they fail, they have disadvantage on all attacks until the start of Lady Isabel's next turn.

Originally a priest (and hating every moment), Lady Isabel found her calling in serving her kingdom at war. Quickly rising through the ranks, she became feared on the battlefield. Mordred himself ordered his men to take her down, but none could. She is brash, loud and loves to curse.

Sir Gregory
HD 5 (15)
Attacks: Shortsword or long bow
Special: Rolls with advantage on ranged attacks.

Gregory the Hunter, as he is known in his kingdom, hides in the shadows, picking off his quarry with the bow his mother crafted. Gregory is one of the few people to come up against a Questing Beast and live to tell the tale - even managing to wound it. However, the encounter brings flashbacks to his mind so he has trouble sleeping and can be skittish in dark places. He is often the voice of reason in the group and is level-headed in the most dire situations.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Wraith - Romance of the Perilous Land

HD 6 (16)
Attack: Chilling touch
Special: if the wraith hits with a chilling touch attack, it does damage plus the victim must make a Constitution saving throw or become unable to move from their spot for 1d4 rounds.

Wraiths are portents of death, often followed by a will-o-wisp. They will groan thrice - not from their mouths - but disembodied moans, each growing louder. These groans are a sign of an oncoming death.

Wraiths are flesh and bone. They have a skeletal visage and a sinewy body, often hidden under a black cloak. Ships that hit rocks of off the coast are often visited by a wraith to claim the dead.

1d4 henchmen (who aren't easy to work with)

1. Kruff Glipp, an ex cook from the borderlands of Yann, had a purple glass eye from a decade old scrap with a pike fish. He wears a cloak that twinkles light starlight in the night. He fears mules and will shriek at the sight of a horse, but otherwise he's as brave and hardy as they come. Kruff often writes to his true love, Marja, picking flowers on the trail to stuff in the envelope. His mother was part medusa (he doesn't realise), but there's a 1 in 20 chance whoever looks at his eyes suddenly becomes paralysed for 1d4 minutes. 

2. Viopa Tendershine, an elf whose forest home was decimated by the Thith disease, of which she was the sole survivor due to immunity. However, the disease changed her - on moonlit nights she becomes a spidery being that hunts night birds unless she manages to bury herself in the soil. The malady lasts for one hour before transforming back. It's gross.

3. Grim Brazengut, a sociopathic dwarf whose shield whispers calming words when he begins to rage. He keeps a lantern with a coiled glowing smoothsnake inside that casts 20ft of light, having spent so much time above ground that he can no longer see in the dark. He has no love for dwarf masonry, preferring​ human creations. 

4. Leeta Dunfarrow, a halfling kleptomaniac and anarchist. She despises authority and will only work with characters who have little to know renowned, as she equates fame to authority. Her raven Korrigan sits on her shoulder and barks at the clouds. These are weather portents - two crows for rain, three for a storm. She has trained Korrigan to steal gold. 

Monday 1 May 2017

Wired Neon Cities - new minimalist cyberpunk roleplaying

Welcome to Glow City, where the corporations will beat you down as much as the gangs. Cyberninjas patrol the neon streets with katanas, the Iron Maidens roam the roads with chains and chop shops are filled with the poor and bored who want to alter their bodies beyond their wildest dreams. Hulking sentries guard the gleaming skyscrapers of the elite and psycho juicers drop adrenaline before holding up convenience stores.

Wired Neon Cities is a minimalist cyberpunk roleplaying game that uses the In Darkest Warrens system. Think a 1980's style future with a chiptune theme. All rules are covered in just two sides of A4, while setting details and a character sheet fit onto another page. Despite its brevity, these rules contain everything you need to play, including an enemies list, augmentations, hacking rules and more. 
Wired Neon Cities includes:
  • A simple d6 system that allows for flexible roleplaying
  • Setting information for Glow City
  • Six classes: Cyberninja, Hacker, Gunner, Mechanic, Face and Doc
  • A list of enemies
  • Augment your character with derm shields, voice modulators, flame throwers, arm blades and more.