Thursday 3 September 2009

Farwell Mike and T&T Corner

I received an email this morning that saddened me. It was from a fellow Trollhalla dweller who has decided to leave the great Halla and take down the part of his website that stored some awfully cool T&T tools: Tunnels and Trolls Corner. The troll who handed in his resignation was Mike from Eposic, a very cool site dedicated to pen and paper roleplaying and speculate fiction.

I'm not completely sure of his reasons behind leaving, but, knowing Mike, they were damned good ones. I hope he still stays in touch with the Halla gang, but it looks like he and T&T have parted ways. It's sad to let an awesome troll go.

Fighting Fantasy makes you insane

Whilst I'm writing my multi-part Fighting Fantasy personal retrospective, I thought I'd show you an ad for the books. What I gathered from this small boy's flailing and variety of facial expressions is that FF turns you into a loony. I certainly can't remember swinging around an invisible sword at imaginary assailants.

I used a real sword.