Sunday 14 March 2010

Ravens of Blashyrkh [Blashyrkh Campaign]

"Strength comes from us above
Ravens' season has begun"
- Nebular Ravens Winter

An iconic creature in the frozen kingdom of Blashyrkh is the raven, a great black scavenger of the icy wastes. The ravens are much larger than we have in the real world, with a five-foot wingspan and huge ravenous beaks perfectly formed to pick the flesh off the corpse of an unfortunate wanderer.

Raven of Blashyrkh
MR 40 (No. appearing 2d6)
Special damage: 1/2
Special Attributes: Ravens are used to the cold of the dark kingdom and so are immune to spells that have cold effects and cold damage.

Saturday 13 March 2010

T&T 7.5 - Finally!

I had quite a pleasant surprise yesterday. I took my regular Friday trip to the gaming store after work, looking forward to spending my hard-earned cash on a few Magic boosters. I decided to wander downstairs and check out some RPGs, as you do.

The first thing that surprised me was the amount of females in the store. Usually there's a couple, but they actually outnumbered males on this occasion. Could it have been because of the layout change? Had someone come up with a genius way to set out the bookshelves as to attract the fairer of the species? Whatever it was, it was cool. But I digress, as that wasn't the surprise.

So as I was browsing the RPGs I noticed something. I noticed a font. I recognised it straightaway and checked the label to confirm - it was Tunnels and Trolls 7.5.

Now, this may not seem unusual to many of you, but to me it was a big deal. That store hadn't stocked T&T for around 10 years and now they have it. What's more is that they even had the Delver's Pack too.

Upon purchase I thanked the assistant for getting it in stock and he told me that had been a keen interest in the game. Pretty sweet, right?

Oh yeah, I also saved a child from a burning building, but whatever.

Monday 8 March 2010

Monday Metal - Maiden!

I love Iron Maiden, plain and simple. They're my favourite band of all time and they will never be replaced. From Steve Harris' beautiful lyrics to the triple guitar onslaught, Maiden are amazing through and through.
So today I celebrate Maiden with a song from the immortal 'Somewhere in Time' played during their Somewhere Back in Time Tour.


Saturday 6 March 2010

Weapons of the Uber-Awesome

Sometimes when you want a guy dead you want to do it in the most mind-bendingly awesome way possible with a weapon that will make your enemy's long distance relatives spontaneously wet themselves. But right now your warrior has to make do with a lumpy broadsword made out of troll fillings that you deperately want the wizard to enchant, but he's been a douche about it because you used his staff for firewood.

Well fear not for I have forced my less-than-minimum-wage paid minions to spend the night in the forge creating a bunch of kick-ass and game breaking weapons for you to have fun with.

Greatsword of Pegasus Wings Dice: 6, Str:21, Dex: 18

This doozy has two wings that shoot out of it on command to a) confuse the crap out of that Orc, and b) allow you to hang on for dear life as you soar through the air. Weee! When you want to summon the wings you much cry: "Wings!" If anyone tried to be a smartarse by replying: "I can't see Paul McCartney anywhere," the sword with unleash a Take That you Fiend on whoever said it. Treat flight the same as Fly Me, except the duration is an hour.

Fairy Skewer (Medium Self Bow) Dice: 4 (or 60 against fairies), Str: 15, Dex: 15

Fueled by the hatred of Navi from Ocarina of Time, our resident warlock enchanted this bow to enable it to destroy fairies. Man, that guy hates fairies. When firing at a fairy the bow always hits and does 60 dice of damage.

Worldcutter (Double bladed axe) Dice: 20+10, Str: 40 Dex: 15
Special damage: 6/Zappathingum

This is one big-ass axe. What's more is that if you roll 6 sixes the Worldcutter's damage dice are tripled.

Rock 'Ard Spear (Boar Spear) Dice: 4+2, Str: 13, Dex: 8
Special damage: 2/Medusa

When jammed into your enemy, the Rock 'Ard Spear has a chance of turning him to stone.

The Grim Reaper (Scythe) Dice: 4+2, Str: 30, Dex: 54
Special damage: 2/Death Spell #9

Stolen from Death himself (we really should find somewhere to hide), The Grim Reaper has a chance of instantly killing anything it damages.

Friday 5 March 2010

Freaks and Geeks explains D&D

Aside from the skewed representations of D&D players, this is a pretty good advert for roleplaying.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Blashyrkh Campaign Setting

As you are probably well aware by now, I'm a huge metalhead. One of my favourite black metal bands, and indeed one of the greatest black metal bands of all time is Immortal. To Immortal everything is grim and frostbitten. They have carved out quite a niche in the genre known for its foul shrieks and dissonant riffs; a niche that focuses on winter itself.

The coolest (ahem) thing about Immortal is the mythical kingdom they have created through their lyrics: Blashyrkh. This kingdom is subjected to an eternal winter where everything that resides in it is both grim and cold.

Now this got me thinking of how much of a kick-ass campaign setting Blashyrkh could be for your game. There is enough material already to get started, with creatures such as the winterdemons and the great god who rules over the kingdom.

So I'm going to do it.

A little background for starters. Blashyrkh is reigned over by the Mighty Ravendark or 'the Oath of Frost'. Ravendark is the great god of all things winter and sends out his minions, the winterdemons, to do his bidding. Winterdemons take many guises, so this gives me free reign over their design. Both band members Abbath and Demonaz are both winterdemons, possibly of a higher status than others, so can be incorporated into the game as immortal generals or demigods.

The denizens of Blashyrkh wage an epic war against the creatures and peoples of the south, all of whom are not grim and frostbitten.

I plan on expanding the mythos created by the band and flesh it out into an interesting and, hopefully, an awesome campaign.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

TrollsZine #1 hits the cybershelves

Today saw the inaugural issue of what I hope will be the most awesome T&T zine ever. TrollsZine made its way onto today in all its free glory, ready to download and marvel at. After having a sneak peek at some of the articles over at Vin's, I have the feeling that TrollsZine won't disappoint. I've just downloaded my issue so I'll have a gander and report back to you soon.

Monday 1 March 2010

Hulking Hornblazer

Hulking Hornblazer
MR 680 (70d6+340)
Spite: 1/1

Special Abilities: Sword of the Void - If a player is hit then they must make a L9SR-LUCK or lose 5 CON permanently.

If players kill a Hulking Hornblazer, they gain 4d6 CON permanently.

Hulking Hornblazers were created 4000 years prior to the Wizard Wars by Khalini the sorceror, who poured all of his lifeforce into their making, so much so that he died. These 20ft tall titans now wander through the etherial plains, occasionally appearing from great portals in Trollworld and destroying cities before dissappearing back into the ether. They have the ability to weave space-time into a deadly Sword of the Void that is able to not only kill a mere mortal, but remove all memories of him from existence. Delvers who come up against a Hulking Hornblazer rarely live to tell the tale. To this day it is said that no mortal has ever slain a Hornblazer and one who does will gain a piece of Khalini's lifeforce.

Monday Metal - Vikings!

Some Amon Amarth to start your week. Raaaaah!