Thursday 30 August 2018

T&T micro-solo: Shadow of the Wytch

The Golden Barrow Inn is one of the most pleasant places you've rested at since leaving Gull three weeks ago. A cosy hearth roars under the stuffed head of a silver stag, a known rarity in the region of Devil's Mound where you have spent the last two nights. A timid elf call Quallex who you have exchanged several words with pulls up a seat as you tuck into your roast lamb and mint sauce.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I need your help," he says quietly. Your ears prick up. "It's my homestead, you see. There's a witch abroad." You take a swig of Gruglik's ale and raise an eyebrow. Quallex continues, "I'm looking to move out and unfortunately this magical hag is bringing down the value of my property just by existing. I need her gone." The elf slides a cloth pouch over to you. You too it out onto the table and count 50 gold pieces. "Fifty now and two hundred when you get rid of her." You can't say no to a deal like that. After all, it's just a crone with a newt eye fetish. Go to 1.

1. You're up first thing in the morning with a spring in your step. Quallex's home lies on the border of the Ravenblood Forest, named after famed hobb philanthropist Tuck Ravenblood. It's but an hour's walk away, but your elf friend warned that the local goblin family has been up to their old tricks again, so you should take care. Go to 5.

2. Just as you're about to put your foot down, you notice a crude rusted animal trap on the ground. Quickly pulling your foot away you realise the field is full of them. Upon closer inspection, the traps appear to be goblin made, as the words "hooman trappy" are scrawled onto the side in what appears to be mucus. Go to 6.

3. You seem to half remember overhearing that witches live in damp caves, so you set out in search of one. Soon you find just what you're after and enter. Unfortunately for you, you've just stumbled into a red ogre's den. You must fight it. It has MR26. If you survive, you discover an amulet of khaala, which offers an armour bonus of 2. Go to 4.

4. Soon you find a rickety hovel that reeks of gingerbread. Mustering your courage you kick down the door and enter. A wrinkled crone is bent over a bubbling cauldron. She looks at you and cackles. "Seems I have a visitor. Won't you stay for supper?" She suddenly launches at you. She is MR36 and when she rolls 2 sixes your next attack is reduced by 1 die due to a curse she weaves. If you win, you find a potion that raises your STR by 5 for 24 hours and a bottle of liquid that recovers 2d6 CON. Go to 11.

5. It's a pleasant day as you make your way over the Doomjaw Fields, named after legendary beauty queen Esmeralda Doomjaw. Make a level 1 DEX saving roll. If you succeed, go to 2. If you fail, go to 7.

6. You reach an inviting copse of trees whose serenity is marred by three goblins chucking rocks at each other. One is wearing a pan on its head while the other throw stones at it, making a 'ding' sound. Fight them - go to 10. Ignore them and continue - go to 8.

7. SNAP. A crude, rusted trap closes around your ankle. Take 3 CON damage. You should be more careful next time. Upon closer inspection, the trap appears to be goblin made, as the words "hooman trappy" are scrawled onto the side in what appears to be mucus. Go to 6.

8. These goblins aren't worth your time, so you decide to continue your journey. Go to 12.

9. Fortunately you have had some experience in tracking witches and know that the smell of gingerbread is always nearby. You begin to pick up a hint of gingerbread as you pass further into the forest. Go to 4.

10. Disgusting creatures. You charge them and show them what for. You are fighting three MR9 goblins. If you win you find 20gp and a 2d dagger, go to 12.

11. You return to the inn where you meet the elf. Handing over the witch's head, he smiles and gives you 250gp. Gain 300ap for completing this adventure.

12. Finally you reach the quaint elven homestead nestled near the forest. Now to look for signs of witches. Make a level 1 INT saving roll. If you are successful, go to 9. If you aren't, go to 3.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Piss up in a brewery - a little T&T adventure

This short Tunnels and Trolls adventure is suitable for Delvers with no more than 30 personal adds.

Fornigan's Pale - the gold standard of ales on the Dragon Continent. Nothing else comes close, though Fornigan's recipe has always remained a tightly guarded secret that only himself and his dwarf business party Grummp know. The brewery stands in the middle of nowhere, with high stone walls to prevent urook raids and private guards posted along the wall as lookout.

Rumour has it that Fornigan is set to unveil a brand new ale - the likes of which have never been seen before. Unfortunately he seems to have disappeared and Grummp is nowhere to be found either. The PCs have been hired to investigate the disappearances.

So what's happened?

Fornigan is dead. The new hope he imported from the Blasted Land were actually hatchlings of a creature called the Skrith - a large, deadly mantis the size of a goblin. Once the fermentation process began, the eggs hatched and the Skrith began their killing spree. Grummp is currently holes up eating rats and pretty much anything he can get his hands on. But now some of the Skrith are mutating - becoming larger and more vicious. Of course, without shipments of this amazing brew, the surrounding cities are becoming restless.

The outer walls

The 100ft stone walls are silent. A L1-SR on IQ reveals there should be at least four guards on patrol at this time. A thick iron gate is open, leading to the entrance.

The atrium

A wide, marble room with a semicircular reception desk. A statue of Fornigan stands in the middle holding a beer aloft. His other arm has broken off. Closer inspection reveals deep gouges in the stone created from the Skrith claws. A door leads to the mill room.

Mill room

There is a distinct malty smell here. Three green orbs are stuck to the ceiling. These are eggs, which will hatch when the PCs enter reveling three Skrith larvae (MR8, 1/screech - emits a high-pitched screech alerting others of an intruder). If any have the chance to use it's screech ability, the Skrith Stalker from the fermentation room comes barrelling in from the north door.

Two guard bodies are here, their bodies half eaten and faces deformed. A L2-SR IQ reveals it was acid that caused this. Each guard has a shortsword and helmet.

Fermentation room

Three large copper silos fill the room. A scream echoed out as the PCs see a hulking Skrith Stalker (MR 40, 2/Acid Spit - fires 40ft, doing 3 Con damage. L1-SR on DX negates) dangling a brewery worker over its clacking maw. Another watches as if amused. A body with no head lies on the ground.

An eastern door leads to a small office. Papers on the desk indicate a recent shipment of hops from the Blasted Lands. A golden tankard with Fornigan's name engraved on it sits here, worth 300gp.

Barreling room

Hundreds of wooden barrels are stacked around this room. A two-headed Skrith with blades for arms screams and charges at the PCs. MR54, 3/ Decapitation - Slices a head clean off. L1-SR on DX or LK negates. It's blades can be used as 4d6 melee weapons with a STR 16 requirenent.

Whimpering comes from one of the barrels. It's Grummp crying his eyes out. He explains what has happened and that his partner was eaten by one of the creatures. He warns that they are mutating into even more terrible things.


When the PCs try to escape they are blocked by a 15ft five-headed Skrith Emperor (MR70, 3/Acid Bath - 1d6 targets are bathed in acid, taking 6d6 Con damage. L3-SR on DX or LK halves damage. If they escape and Grummp survives, he gives them 500gp for saving him. The city mayor gives 2000gp for investigatoin.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Elves of Scourgeworld - the Burnt Ones

Alabaster of flesh, warpaint streaked faces and teeth filed to points, the elves of the Scourgeworld are known in the common tongue as the burnt ones. Their skin is tattooed with the blood of the last goliath god, giving them enhanced strength.

Droog riders have tamed the red desert worm, forming a bond in their dreams. The lugsnapped are former droog riders whose minds became one with the droog, who imitate the slithering worm in all they do.

Elf speech is moontongue. It can be understood by all in the moonlight, aside from dwarves who cannot hear elf speech (they are deaf to it).

Elves do not get on with the Leth scarabmen. Chieftains often wear Leth carapace armour embroidered with desert jewels.

They worship the ever rotting hand of the last goliath, which is wrapped in carpet and pulled in a cart by two camels. The Hand Speaker delivers decrees from the scabby appendage. These are often of war and pillagery. They wear the veil of a thousand eyes and eat sand. There's a 70% chance the hand will heal all wounds.

Burnt One warrior
MR 24 (3+12)
Special damage: 2/Inked might - the burnt one rolls and extra 2d6 this combat.
Special abilities: Cateyes - can see in low light conditions.

Burnt One, Hand Speaker
MR 20 (3+10)
Special damage: 1/1 normal spite
Special abilities: If holding the hand of the last goliath, the Hand Speaker may heal 2d6 Con.

Burn One Warchief
MR 40 (5+20)
Special damage: 3/ Spear gore - the Warchief deals 1d6 spite damage and the opponent is thrown to the ground.
Special abilities: Cateyes - can see in low light conditions.

MR 62 (7+31)
Special damage: 3/ Swallow - the droog swallows whole a creature unless they succeed SR-30 on DX. Once inside, the victim is dissolved by its stomach acid, taking 2d6 Con damage every combat round. They may attempt to escape with a SR-30 STR or LK roll.
Special abilities: Bury - the droog can bury deep into the sand and move underground.

Friday 10 August 2018

D6 addictive things

Let's get addicted to:

1. Felger - this thin viscous coating remains on the target of a spell. It smells vaguely of popcorn. Snuffers visit wizard mausoleums to scrape the residue off dead sorcerors where they smear the stuff in their nasal cavities. After ingesting the user sees the laquered purple eyes of the Indecent God. This is not a vision. There is a 5% chance the user gains the spell that killed the corpse.

2. Altosh, the Dreamer's Tongue - Altosh is an addictive language spoken by the wormkin of Gulath. The sounds are potent, pulling those who hear it into a dreamlike state. The wormkin enjoy feasting on dreamers (they, of course, are immune to Altosh). There's a 10% chance the dreamer gains telepathy for 1d10 days.

3. Bugbug mushroom - a particular favourite of mud goblins. Bugbug is first chewed by the gorberry caterpillar (deadly to the touch) before being harvested from bark. The mushroom is then made into a tea. The effects give the user a sprouting of translucent wings. Overdosing gives a 30% chance the user will turn into a giant fly.

4. Porting - stepping through a portal offers a very quick rush, but stepping through a series multiplies it exponentially. Porters line up a series of portals, dozens at a time and fall through them. There's a 5% chance a user's skin is ripped off. This goes up by 5% for every portal after the 7th.

5. Elfsleep - most elves don't actually sleep, instead going into a trance. Elfsleep was a potion created for other races to experience this trance. It's highly addictive and incredibly blissful. There's a 10% chance a user will remain in elfsleep indefinitely.

6. Vlute music - the vlute is an instrument native to the tok tok orc tribe of the Fell Hills. It's a cross between a guitar and a bassoon, made of wood and cartilage. The sound it emits causes non orcs to mindlessly do art. They will pick up whatever is near them and produce drawings, paintings, sculptures. The brain-dead creativity and outcome is so addictive that people travel thousands of miles to visit the tok tok. The tok tok mostly eat their heads.

Thursday 2 August 2018

Rotgobs for Tunnels and Trolls

Rotgobs are essentially undead goblins, returned to life by a nekromancer or a particularly goth goblin teenager. They share the same mind - the mind of the conjurer (the nekrobrain) and do her wishes. If the nekrobrain dies, the rotgobs go completely insane and even more murderous.

MR 24 (3+12)
Spite 2/ brain munch - do an extra d6 damage if the target fails a L1SR-DX. Ignores armour. Also reduce IQ by 1.
Special: For every other Rotgobs attacking the same target, increase the number of dice you roll in combat by one.

Some rotgobs are raised with innate magic still festering in their veins.

Rotgob magician
MR 28 (3+14)
Spite 2/ cast TTYF or Freeze Please
Spite 3/ cast Protective Pentagram
Special: the nekrobrain may optionally siphon the magic from the rotgob. If so, they gain 2d6 spell points on their turn, but the Rotgob cannot act on its next turn. After 20 total points have been taken, no more can be spared.

The most common method of creating a rotgob is through enchanted jewelry - talismans, rings, bracelets etc. The nekrobrain must have a matching piece of control jewelry to command their minions. If someone else tries to wear it, they may spend 10 spell points to become the new nekrobrain.