Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Three Witches of the Dreadoak

In the times before the wizard wars, when magic was raw and untamed, the Hidden God created the Weavespider who spun together the first milky strands of fate between the two quartz trees. His web sang a hymn to the breeze, a melody that attracted the attention of three witches who lived in the branches of the towering dreadoak where they had existed since the second sun was ignited by Hod.

The most courageous of the witches, whose name causes men to suffocate, plucked one of the strands and heard the Harmony of the Web and at once was captivated. After years of strumming, the three realised the song was directly tied to the machinations of the young beings who walked the land - the Eck Dwarves, whose lamps would burn long after the suns faded; the Shade Elves, whose gods crawled in the earth; and the realm of man, who had mastered the skies with Smoothdrakes.

The witches played the symphony of the threads, watching savage queens perish and titan wretches spawn as the notes of fate sang in the hills of Ormun. The Hidden God was displeased - the witches had become as gods. In a dream he visited the warrior Aleena, who had slaughtered the host of the Everskull just the previous month and bore the axe legend calls Direwatch. Aleena was instructed to destroy the web.

She travelled to Ormun, having fought the greybeard ghasts and scarlet seraphim along the way. When she reached the witches, they saw what she wanted to do and intervened, promising to play a melody that would give her great power and riches. Aleena agreed and true to their word, the witches strummed a sweet tune. Aleena would become the high empress of men and all would bow to her. She declared war on the Hidden God who would have the web destroyed. The god became mortal to face her in battle, but was slain and his Godhead taken. After drinking his blood, Aleena ascended to brcobethe new Hidden God.

The song of the weave continues to ring out to this day while the spiders dance.

Thursday 12 July 2018

Vote Trollish Delver Games for fan favourite publisher at the ENnies

It's ENnies season and once again I humbly request your vote in the fan favourite publisher category. Please take 10 seconds to give Trollish Delver Games a 1 ranking http://ennie-awards.com/vote/2018/ballot.php?category_id=24