Friday 28 August 2020

Merry Outlaws print + pdf available

Merry Outlaws is now available in pdf and print from Itch.

What's Merry Outlaws? I submitted it as part of the Folklore Jam - essentially Robin Hood is dead and you're continuing his legacy.

Henry III is on the throne and the baronies are running unchecked. Greed and corruption is rife in England and the heroes of old are gone. Friar Tuck burned for heresy, Little John gone into exile and Marian a travelling sellsword.

Players are Outlaws forging their own legacy. Each adventure is a stanza in your evolving ballad, an actual poem you write as you advance in fame. A simple d6 system powers the game, with players doing all the rolls.

The pdf is pay what you want and the limited zine is $10 (plus $5 if you're outside the UK). Go check them out.

Sunday 23 August 2020

Five new classes for In Darkest Warrens

Knight: 5 wounds. Valiant Shield: you may stop an amount of damage to you per combat equal to half your level rounded up.

Skald: 4 wounds. Orator: You may get +1 to Person a number of times per day equal to half level rounded up.

Scholar: 4 wounds. Studious: You may get +1 to Mind a number of times per day equal to half level rounded up.

Reaper: 5 wounds. Reaping: After slaying an enemy, regain a wound. Do this a number of times per combat equal to half level rounded up. 

Apothecary: 4 wounds. Salve: You may create a number of healing salves per day equal to half level rounded up. Each salve heals 2 wounds.

Monday 10 August 2020

Lore of the Perilous Land: The Burning Chapter

It's another lore post time, and this time we're talking about them loveable scamps The Burning Chapter.

The Burning Chapter are unique to Lyonesse - a band of disgruntled magic users with a vendetta against King Meliodas' anti-magic rule. Meliodas has strict laws against the use of magic in his kingdom - namely that magic can't be used under any circumstance. Those who are caught practising it are either imprisoned or burned at the stake.

So the Burning Chapter are sympathetic to the Sisters of le Fay, who often work together in their plots to cause chaos in Lyonesse and ultimately bring Meliodas to his knees (of which Morgan le Fay is more than happy to assist with). The group is organised into the following structure:

The Grand Veil
The Bishops of Blight
The Dread Abbots
Sentries of Flame
Doom Acolytes

Their patron deity is Morrigan, though a warped and twisted version unknown to the rest of the people of the Perilous Land.

Each member of the Burning Chapter has a grasp of magic to some extent. Some are hardened warriors with a cursory knowledge of the arts, while others like the Grand Veil are seasoned cunnig folk specialising in offensive, sinister magic.

They meet in secret forgotten temples, the cellars of sympathetic taverns and even in the houses of nobles who wish to use the Chapter to gain even more power. They sometimes hire mercenaries as guards, and bend vicious animals like bears, snakes and wolves to keep people out of their business.