Saturday 9 May 2009

Mythological weapon : Gram

I'm eagerly awaiting the postman this morning. At any minute a brown box will drop through the letterbox and inside it will be the latest posthumous work by J.R.R. Tolkien - The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun. The book is an epic poem based on a famous Norse tale in which the writer drew much of his inspiration for The Lord of The Rings, including a corrupting ring and a sword that was broken and reforged like Aragorn's Anduril.

The name of the remade blade is Gram, which is pretty damn strong as it can easily slice through an anvil. How cool would it be to use that in your game? Well, here are the stats:

Dice + Adds: 20 + 70
STR req: 30
Dex req: 26
Value: 100,000
Weight: 180

Notes: Gram cannot be found in any old tunnel in any old chest or on any old goblin. When the delver comes across the sword it will be stuck in a tree called Barnstokk and she will have to try and remove it. It was stuck in there by Odin in the story but you can change the deity to suit your campaign. Nevertheless, it takes a unique hero to remove it from the tree. Make a level 9 saving roll on strength. Success means you slide the sword out with ease, although it breaks as soon as you do. You must get it reforged if you want to use it, otherwise it is useless. Once reforged Gram taken on the stats shown above.

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