Thursday 27 August 2009

Thursday Question - Kindreds

Most people have their favourite something-or-other when it comes to gaming - whether it be your prized dirk called 'Mavis' or favourite dice mechanic. But in T&T what is your favourite Kindred?

Answers on a postcard (in comment section)

For the record, I'm a Minotaur man myself. Hail the horned ones!


  1. I'm partial to the trolf (half troll, half elf). Pick the troll kindred of your liking, and average the multipliers of it and the elf kindred. Of if you want a kindred straight off the T&T kindred chart, I'll have to go with Naga.

  2. All hail Gristlegrim! We are the dwarves! I love those vertically challenged fellas.