Wednesday 17 April 2013

First draft of Death at Grimwood Hall sent to the publisher, and other Trollish Delver Games updates

 I've been pretty busy over the past couple of months with various projects which is why I haven't been updating the blog as often as usual. As some of you will know, especially those who follow me on Twitter, my day job is as a PR professional, which is awesome but exhausting work. I fit writing for a digital gaming magazine and freelance RPG writing around that, not leaving much time for anything else, so apologies for the lack of updates.
So what have I been working on RPG-wise? Well, aside from USR Fantasy, which is done now and going through its second draft before playtesting (more on that later), I've been writing Blackstorm, my gamebook for Adventurer! and I've also got back to writing Tunnels & Trolls scenarios for the ever-awesome Peryton Publishing.

My latest T&T scenario is called Death at Grimwood Hall and at the beginning of the week I submitted it to the guys at Peryton. It's the latest in Trollish Delver Games and Peryton's Peakvale line of adventures, a series of modules focused around my campaign setting written by both Tom K Loney and myself (though Tom's totally beating me in terms of number of adventures - just you wait, Tom).

Death at Grimwood Hall is not your typical T&T adventure. It's very much a whodunnit inspired by gothic horror, with twists and turns and a big chase. Hopefully it'll be a lot of fun and when it's released I hope you guys will go ahead and give it a whirl.

I'm also involved in a book for Jerry Teleha's Stay Alive rules for T&T called 'Apocalypse in My Hometown' which involves a bunch of great writers and artists producing adventures set, well, in their hometowns. This has been a lot of fun to write and I'm finishing it up this week. Again, this one's the brainchild of Peryton, so I'm confident it's going to be awesome.

Of course, Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is hopefully going to be out in a few months and as Trollish Delver Games is officially an authorised publisher of dT&T material I'm already putting thoughts together for a solo for the new rules. Obviously I'm not entirely privy to the rules before they're released, but I want to think ahead all the same.

So, as you can see, it's all go for me at the moment. Freelancing is a lot of fun, but damned hard work, especially when you want to make everything as awesome as possible.

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