Sunday 27 April 2014

Comixology removes in-app purchases from iOS, gives user $5

Amazon's acquisition of digital comics platform Comixology didn't go unnoticed by comics fans recently, some hailing it at a new dark age for the medium. It seems like the wheels are now in motion as Comixology have now removed the option of in-app purchases in iOS. Google Play still has the option, but you are redirected to the Comixology store front. For the inconvenience, every user has been given $5 to spend on lovely comics.

As usual, the internet is aghast. You would have thought this was the worst thing that had ever happened to comics, and to be honest I think if I used Comixology more often and I used iOS then I might have been taken aback and a bit pissed too. But wow, there's a lot of butthurt for a free service.

Obviously Amazon want to stop Apple from syphoning the 30% it made on all purchases, which is a lot of money really, so more money is going to Comixology. Theoretically, this could mean that creators are actually getting the better part of the deal here, which is what I hope but I'm not so naive to definitely think this is the case.

As I say, I don't really use Comixology much anymore after I moved to my trade-and-Marvel-Unlimited-habit, so not a huge deal for me. I did, however, spend my FREE MONEY on finishing off a volume of Wonder Woman that I have been meaning to do for ages, so that's a bonus!

Guys, you still have the website. Just use your browser.

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