Thursday 26 June 2014

USR 2.0 now available to download for free

Sorry for the recent radio silence - I've been super busy with various projects, the biggest one being the newest edition of Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying. I'm pleased to announce the release of USR 2.0, now free to download on DriveThruRPG.

I've been so happy with the overwhelmingly positive response over the past two years since the release of USR. I'm thrilled to have a small but active community spring up around my little game and I hope that USR 2.0 will get even more people playing it.

So what's changed? The core game is the same, with a couple of very minor rules tweaks that were introduced in Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying. One of the biggest pieces of feedback I had was that new GM's may have trouble using the game because it's so broad and open, despite being super easy to play. Therefore, the main change to USR 2.0 was to make it easier for new players to climb on board and to have a bit more structure. I've included some 'setting packages', which give a rundown of ways to run certain genres, an extended play example and some extra notes for people with questions about character creation.

You will also notice that the book has had a redesign and instead of 9 pages, it's now 21. I really hope you enjoy USR 2.0 and that if you've never played it you will give it a shot.

Download it for free here.