Sunday 21 June 2015

Arachnomancer pre-gen for USR

This post is the beginning of a series of pre-generated characters for USR. I'm not following any particular genre here - just whatever characters I think are cool and that you might get a kick out of. First up is the Arachnomancer - a magic-user whose powers are defined by, well, spiders!

Arachnomancers are derive their powers from the spider-god Spin'tarr, one of the many insect gods. Their magic is divined from the Great Web, Arkolosh, of which all spider beings are connected, and where Spin'tarr sits in the centre. Very few mortals are able to tap into the Arkolosh - many who do are trapped like flies on the web, soon to be devoured by Spin'tarr or his demi-gods.

Arachnomancers may cast spells such as spiderclimb, allowing them to scale surfaces, arachno-sense, allowing them to sense when danger is present, and summon spider. Most arachnomancers belong to the Cult of the Thread, who meet in secret on moonless nights to plot and scheme the downfall of mortals and the uprising of Spin'tarr. However, some arachnomancers choose a purer path - helping others with their powers, rather than using them for ill gain.

Action: d8
Wits: d10
Ego: d6
Hits: 8

Specialisms: Arachnomancy +2 (Wits), Stalk the Shadows +2 (Action), Sense danger +2 (Wits)

Equipment: Staff +1, Web robes, spider familiar.

Arachnomancy: As with most magic, smaller, less-powerful spells require easy to medium attribute tests. These include spiderclimb and create web. Arachnomancers can summon different types of spiders depending on the target number of attribute test. Lower numbers will allow the PC to summon smaller spiders with d6 Action, while higher numbers can summon huge spider-beasts with d10 Action. These summons don't stick around for long, and will depend on the difficulty of the target number. Some will stay for one combat while others may stay for a day.

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