Friday 15 July 2016

All the good stuff

I've been a bad blogger recently, haven't I? To be fair. It's because I've been working full slog on a number of different projects that sap my extra time away. What's this guy chatting about? Let me tell you.

In Darkest Warrens

The latest launch from Trollish Delver Games is a minimalist fantasy role-playing game. Two sides of A4 for the rules minimalist. Not only do you get the rules, but you get a character sheet, adventure and bestiary all included. It's also pay what you want, so you can't go wrong. Get it here 

Romance of the Perilous Land 

This is role-playing based on British folklore. It's OSR, made with a mish mash of inspirations and is currently in playtesting. Expecting this to launch in the next couple of months.

Magnificent Artefacts 

The first sourcebook for In Darkest Warrens covering sweet ass magical treasure. Expect a release of this by Sunday 17th July.

USR stuff

USR never sleeps, but for once it's not been me putting the books out. Jay Murphy is a stalwart member of the USR community and has produced a heap of great 'hacks' and an adventure in the past month.

USR Sword and Sorcery 
Fear & Loathing USR
Western USR
Shrine of the Keepers

I'm also working on Wolves of Armageddon, a mutant apocalypse game based on USR.

So lot's happening in Trollish Delver land. Big thanks to all you supportive people out there who play my games and aid with playtesting. Maybe next year TDG will make the ENnie fan favourite publisher ballot.

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