Friday 13 January 2017

Solo campaign session one: into cornfields

Every now and again I like to run a solo adventure with a lite ruleset, so I thought I'd do a campaign report here on my new In Darkest Warrens solo game.

First off, here's what I'm using: Mythic GME, 9Qs and story dice. 9Qs creates the structure, while Mythic answers questions and the dice flesh out the world. It works quite well.

Introducing Thurngast Goldscale, a dragonkin assassin out to redeem himself from a villainous past. He has a rapier, cloak and rope to begin with, with some money left over for lodgings and food.

He's knocking around the town of Aynor, after having fled his murderous past as an assassin for the Shivering Serpent. He has heard ravings that a farmer's head has been found on a pike on the north road and Red Orcs have been seen entering the farmstead. Thurngast saw this as an opportunity to help redeem himself, so went to meet with the mayor to see whether he could be of assistance (I figured this was due process and would keep Thurngast accountable). However, the mayor dismissed him, telling him there was no need to get involved. When asked if a retinue of guards would be sent to help the mayor said no. This was indeed incredibly odd.

Knowing lives were at stake, Thurngast went anyway, along an eerily silent path to the farmstead, not finding any traps along the way. He cut through the cornfield, rapier in hand, brimmed with a venom he had concocted from a Gung snake's glands. Emerging from the field he saw the farmhouse with one lone orc standing guard. He had to deal with the wretch swiftly. After a flurry of blows, Thurngast came out unscathed, while the orc's body was sliced asunder.

That was the end of the first session. There are a couple of questions that remain: what do the orcs want with a farmstead? And why was the mayor reticent to send any help? There is something not quite right in Aynor and Thurngast is going to get to the bottom of it.

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