Saturday 25 November 2017

Random temple generator

You arrive at a temple, but what does it look like and who worships there? Use this generator to find out.

Architecture (d10)

  1. Pyramid
  2. Dome
  3. Spire
  4. Dirt Warren
  5. Classic Greek-style temple
  6. Hovel
  7. Ruin
  8. Gothic Church
  9. Tower
  10. Tree-shape
Unusual feature (d10)
  1. It's floating
  2. It can only be seen in the moonlight
  3. It is of blackest obsidian
  4. It is covered in bodies
  5. It phases out of existence at midnight
  6. It emits quiet harpsichord music
  7. Drawing closer makes one vomit crickets
  8. It exists as a tatoo on a sailor's back and can be entered through magical means
  9. It moves around the world
  10. It's much bigger on the inside

Dedicated to what God? (d10)
  1. Goddess of Orphans
  2. God of Scorpions
  3. Goddess of Will
  4. God of Unsaid Things
  5. Goddess of Music
  6. God of Treachery
  7. Goddess of Storms
  8. God of Masks
  9. Goddess of Still Waters
  10. God of the Shunned 
Worshipper features (d10)
  1. They do not look anyone in the eye
  2. Their mouths are sewn shut
  3. They have shaven, tattooed heads
  4. They have monkey tails
  5. They sing instead of speaking
  6. They cannot use nouns
  7. The men and pregnant with dragons
  8. They are blind
  9. They are always drunk
  10. They fear magic

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