Tuesday 27 November 2018

Last minute locale: Port Ichorr

Port Ichorr is the place you find yourself when all hope is lost. With the Blacktongue Sea lapping against its shores, the port is not just a haven for scoundrels and scallywags, but all the things that go bump in the night. Take Gideon Foulsnare for example, the lich who runs the port. A former pirate and current cat lover (his undead panther Kanth is his pride and joy), Gideon resides in the twisted flesh tower.

- The only map of the Ribcage Islands can be found placed decoratively above the bar of the Grim Anchor tavern, shielded by a curse. Those who remove it have their eyes fall out. The lost obelisk of Nu'un can be found here, said to be able to bring everlasting life.

- The once submerged temple of Karnatha has risen and has been taken over by fish men who are kidnapping local villagers and dragging them to the temple where they are harvesting their organs to appease their elder god.

- Vampirates have discovered a chest of cursed treasure beneath the port. They have been possessed by the ghosts of feral gnolls.