Friday 22 March 2019

Setting: Little Spout

Art: Valeriya Volkova

Little Spout is an impossibility colourful village, where each resident wears bright primary colours crafted from the dye of the jib jib fruit. Little Spout rests in a humid region where the rainy season lasts for months on end. Food markets hang over the edge of waterways, where the only access to purchase is by canoe.


The villagers

Most villagers are human, but live to 130 years old on average, making it an elderly population. They speak the language Papo, which was given to them by the clouds. Some notable villagers include:

  • Farsi the powder shaman: covers naked body in bright powder to more easily commune with sky spirits. She fears the spirits are no longer talking to her. They need an offering of a basilisk's eye.
  • Pun the silent: a mute guard. Skin like leather. Has seen graverobbers around the ancient boa monument.
  • Helia the cook: always seen in front of a bed-sized frying pan. Needs swarri spice for the rain festival. This can be found in the surrounding jungle where the lion people live.
  • Tok the mudkisser: kisses the ground every hour to venerate the earth, as Tok's family has done every generation. Wants to marry Farsi but needs a bunbun fruit from the tallest tree on mount ketha.

Magical items

  • Love locket: embossed with a hand in the clouds. Anyone who touches one holding the locket has a 20% of falling for them.
  • Boa tattoo: covering the back or full arm. Grants the strength of a boa (+2 to strength based activities and damage).
  • Frog amulet: little jade frog. Allows the wearer to become a frog once per day. Lasts for 2 hours or until cancelled.
  • Fermented jib jib: wrinkly yellow fruit. Pungent. Heals disease instantly.


  • Lion people (Khoola): HD3, AC4(15), SV12, MV9, Atk spear (1d8), AL N, Special Poison (Save vs poison/1d4 extra damage). Lion-headed humanoids. Green fur. Territorial.
  • Shade demons: HD4, AC5(14), SV11, MV18, Atk claws (1d8+1), AL C, Special Shade (AC3,[16] at night). Appear on moonless nights. Lanterns lit to stave off. They take hearts.
  • Gargamo: HD7, AC4(15), SV7, MV8, Atk Two bites (2d8), AL C, Special Engulf (Save vs engulf/1d8 per round until saved). Giant reptile with bird beak. Resides in mountains. Bathes in mud pools. Beak made into a drug.

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