Tuesday 11 February 2020

The racism jumped out

Some of you may have seen a bit of a furore on Twitter after Varg Vikerness had a flap about PoC depicted in Romance of the Perilous Land and so set his white supremacist cronies on me Twitter is such a fun place.

Unfortunately for these imbeciles, the brigading just served to promote the game and as a result a load of people bought it. I was super happy to see all the support I got from my online chums and I really thank them for it. Osprey Games came out with a statement of support, of which I'm grateful.

The thing is, I'm pretty lucky. There are people - minorities and women - who face this shit on a daily basis. I don't know how they do it and those people will have my constant support.

Folklore is inherently inclusive. Countries thousands of miles apart share similar stories and traditions. Folklore is a map of human relationships, of beliefs and customs. Sure, some of it will have been transferred by force (invasion, colonialism etc), but much of it is benign.

Also, fuck racists.


  1. I love how all these tools call you beta while they're sobbing their eyes out over artwork in a role-playing game. High five, bro!

    I haven't checked out RotPL, but I just might. In Darkest Warrens was pretty dope. Keep up the good work.

  2. How were they racist? The comments you allude to seem racial, but not racist.

  3. I don't, and never will use twitter so I don't know what these comments were. What is the problem with completely ignoring people like this? Do you feel compelled to defend yourself from someone who takes a silly position? Maybe, as an author and publisher you have to respond? I really don't know.

    With some recent stuff that went around on other gaming websites over this week, I feel, annoyed. It's not your fault you get involved with these kind of things. I am annoyed in general that the hangouts for the hobby get caught up in these stupid conversations.

    You feel like a game does not represent your world view? Play a different game. You feel like no new games are made for you? Make your own or play an old one!

    People react to creative output like it has viral properties on the body of culture and disagreeing antibodies must be applied to make sure it does not infect the rest of us. Stupid. There is room for just about every thing. Take what you want, leave what you don't. MOST PEOPLE don't give a shit either way. On either side of a given issue is a loud pathetic minority with sad little lives. Social media is not the hokey pokey, its not what its all about.

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  5. It certainly made me buy it.

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