Friday 20 March 2020

The Realms Between Playtest Released

You can now pay what you want for The Realms Between Playtest document, a game inspired by the Jirel of Joiry stories by CL Moore.

Doors are everywhere and behind every Door is a dreamlike realm ruled by eldritch god's and mad sorcerers. Heroes of faith living in a place akin to medieval France embark on perilous adventures into these infinite realms.

The Realms Between features:

  • A unique card-based system that drives the story, creating easily improvised challenges
  • Character advancement is directly tied to their fortification - the more the heroes grow the more sophisticated their fortification becomes
  • Foes use a keyword system that allows for quick creation, putting storytelling first

It's a departure from my usual design, so I'm interested to hear what people think.

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