Monday 18 May 2020

Romance of the Perilous Land build: Assassin

I'm going to do a series on different 'builds' for RotPL. We're starting off with the assassin, a build for the thief.

1st talent: Shadow Flourish
2nd talent: Critical Blow
3rd: Darksight
4th: Quick Shift
5th: Fleetfoot
6th: Sprinter

Skills: Acrobatics, stealth, perception, athletics, intimidation

Background: Militia

The assassin is all about moving quickly in the shadows and getting out of harm's way fast. Shadow Flourish allows you to max your Reflex to use your blade (and throwing daggers) while Critical Blow gives you a higher chance of dealing more damage. Darksight means you can sneak around in the darkness and get an edge on your critical strikes. Quick Shift is perfect for maneuvering around the battlefield to get away from flanking enemies, or to get in a better position. Fleetfoot stops natural difficult terrain from getting in your way when you're trying to quick Shift. Finally, Sprinter speeds you up, letting you strike even quicker.


  1. Finally bought my copy of the book today. So many games so little time. I am already backed logged with Mouse Guard, The One Ring, Alien RPG as well as others.

    1. Thanks for buying! Yep, it's the curse of the RPG fan. Really want to play Alien

  2. It’s really beautiful, and something I wanted to do with D20 modern for a long time. I can’t wait to use Alien’s stress system.

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