Thursday 17 September 2020

The future of Romance of the Perilous Land

I wanted to give all of you an update on plans for Romance of the Perilous Land going forward as I'd imagine some people will have been wondering.

First off, there is an adventure in the pipeline. It's all written and it's just awaiting publication. This will be a free pdf starter adventure (one that of you came to my UK Games Expo or Gen Con games you will have experienced). Secondly, errata is also on the way soon - all with Osprey right now.

I've been incredibly proud of Romance and the reception it's had over the past nine months and it's been a joy to work with the talented team at Osprey. I'm also very keen to get more material out there because I have a tonne of ideas for adventures and supplements.

Right now these aren't something Osprey can facilitate, so I'm happy to say that Trollish Delver Games will be publishing the official material for Romance going forward. This is a really exciting time for me - the core book is out via a major publisher but I also now get to release material on my own schedule. This means zines, books and pdfs with more frequency.

The first of these releases will be a supplement of 20 new backgrounds. In the near future I'll be announcing the first print book supplement of the series.

All in all, an exciting time for the game, so watch this space.


  1. I enjoyed the UK Games Expo session so am looking forward to additional material.

  2. That's awesome news! Can't wait for the supplements.

  3. Excited. Now if I could only gather the people around to play the darn thing.

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