Friday 31 December 2021

Creatures of the Fruit Patch for Romance of the Perilous Land

It occurs to me that I've not posted this month, so here's one for the last day of the year. Creatures of the Fruit Patch is for use with Romance of the Perilous Land, detailing several folkloric beings who haunt the places where fruits grow. 

Awd Goggie

Taking the form of a great caterpillar, Awd Goggie hides among the gooseberry bushes to ambush unsuspecting pickers (mainly children). When it rears up, it's the size of a large dog, with a slavering maw and twenty roving eyes. The creature makes its lair underground, where it drags its poor victims to later munch on their flesh and bones.

HD3, TN13, HP13, AP3, AT Bite (d6+3), No Appearing 1-3, Special: After damaging an opponent, Awd Goggie can wrap around them. They must make a Might Save or become restrained. 

Churnmilk Peg

A wicked spirit who guards all manner of nuts, Churnmilk Peg usually appears as a crooked old man or woman with a pipe in their mouth. They jump from the undergrowth and set a fire under their victims to force them to flee. 

HD2, TN12, HP9, AP2, AT Stick (d6+2), No Appearing 1-3, Special: Three times per encounter, Churnmilk Peg can set an opponent on fire within 50ft. They must make a Con Save or take d4 fire damage. 

Apple Tree Man

The oldest tree in the forest is given life as a nature spirit called Apple Tree Man. A wise and altruistic being, those who offer him a mug of hot cider on a cold winter's day will be rewarded, perhaps with directions to buried treasure, or a clue to the giver's quest. 

HD4, TN14, HP18, AP4, AT Special, No Appearing 1, Special: Those who harm Apple Tree Man are cursed by him. He summons d6 fairies in the orchard to attack his assailant each time damage is done to him. 

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