Sunday 12 July 2009

The Hobbit Hole 15

I've just purchased a copy of the spanking 'The Hobbit Hole' magazine, issue 15, from the always awesome Boozer at The Hobgoblin's Tavern. Here's the contents of this edition:

This (8 by 11 sized) 88-page issue has amazing looking full-color front and back covers, just as you would expect. Inside it, you will find; EDITORIAL: Of Hairy Feet and Taters... T&T ARTICLES: The Animagus Specialist: The Eagle & The Elk, Gull: The Untold Story, BANG! - Explosives in T&T, A Monkey Throwing Stones at Monsters!, Trollworld History: Humans, Elves & Dwarves... and A Dragons Calendar. SOLO/GAMING: Bats in Dabelfry! - Written and illustrated by Jason Mills (A Tunnels & Trolls Adventure for a Handful of Low-Level Characters) and The Tree of Life -- By Dr. Sid Orpin (A full-sized Tunnels & Trolls Solo with an Arboreal Setting). FICTION: Monsters! Monsters! and Blood Duty. OTHER: Grumlahk's Troll Tales Comic, and many other comics as well as a new Trollworld Map.

I've been looking to get The Tree of Life by Dr. Sid Orpin for a while now so I was pleasantly surprised to see it nestled in this issue.

I'll give a full review of the mag when it arrives. In the meantime, you should go and buy things from Boozer. He likes the shiny pennies.


  1. It's a good issue. I have had it since it was new, but have not taken the time to read it all. What I have read was good.

    The The Tree of Life adventure will have to wait for me. I must play a character to the lofty heights of 100 Combat Adds first (according to the hints in the adventure), and Trollgod knows if I'll ever manage to get a character of mine to survive until then.

  2. Excellent. Yes, there is that problem. Let me just have a quick root through my characters to see if there's one at a suitable level...

    ...Hmm, a lvl 9 Troll Warrior, but I probably can't use him in the adventure. Ah well.