Tuesday 14 July 2009

New Stackpole solo on the way

Michael A Stackpole, the world renowned sci-fi author and game nut, has a new T&T solo coming out called 'The Elemental Dungeon'. Well, when I say 'new' I mean it was written way back in the seventies and has only just seen the light of day in the new millennium. It's sure to be a treat for us T&T fanatics. Here's some details about the solo from Outlaw Press:

This 32-page (6 by 9 sized) center stapled mini-solo was originally written way back in 1978 (and long forgotten), but it has now been resurrected and published for the first time. "Welcome to the exciting Elemental Dungeon. This is my idea of a Solitaire dungeon. It has an ever occurring theme throughout this solo you will face the ancient elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The foes you combat and the treasure you find will have some connection with that theme, in ways you can only imagine." If you have ever wanted to see a new T&T solo from the now famous author 'Michael A. Stackpole', now is your chance. It may very well be your last chance!

I'm really looking forward to this because a) it's freakin' Mike Stackpole! and b) I live in hope for the odd Shaft reference thrown in.

More on this to come.

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