Saturday 4 February 2012

Mega-solo Tower of Terror is released {T&T}

There probably hasn't been this many products released since Tunnels & Trolls' heyday, but it seems 2012 has a set off a creative spark in the game and ignited a whole load of new titles; the latest being Tower of Terror.
This is the latest offering from David Ullery, who readers may know as a prominent T&T artist, illustrating many of Ken St. Andre's more recent adventures. Ullery also writes, and it's from his pen that new mega-solo, Tower of Terror, comes. 

The description from DrivethruRPG is as follows:
Tower of Terror takes place in an old wizard's tower that has been sealed off, and is now currently used by the worshipers of Ophion, the serpent god (aka Set). Expect many slithering snake-like opponents as well as a bunch of regular type of enemies to overcome. Much treasure is to be had as well as attribute enhancements.
There are two ways to play: you may go through 16 short individual adventures, or for longer more advanced play you can go on the "Trip of Terror" involving the 16 original as well as two others for a total of 18 adventures.  Some lower level spells are allowed, but this is mainly for warrior/fighter types. While most of this is for second level characters or higher, there are a few easier adventures in Tower of Terror. Also more than one may go through at a time, but you will need to multiply the opponents by the number of adventurers (naturally).
The adventure is 98 pages long and contains over 50 illustrations spanning almost every page. I'm interested to see how this plays out, with the two "modes" of playing. It sounds somewhat like the setup for Deathtrap Equaliser, with its mini adventures, but whether this is a teleport solo remains to be seen.


  1. All my T&T solos are tattered old digest size with faded monotone covers. How do these new ones hold up to the classics?

  2. @Lee I think the classics are great, but some of the more modern solos kick arse. Quality can be fair to middling, but when they're good - they're really good.

  3. Which are the kick arse newer solos I should look for?

  4. I don't like the DED format, but I do like that fact that I can take in more than one character.