Saturday 4 February 2012

Sneak peek at Derring-Do! and DemonLord {USR}

In my spare time I've been working on the two projects that I'm looking to released this year: Derring-Do! and DemonLord.

Both games use the USR system as their base, but add a little to make them unique. For instance, Derring-Do!, which is about pulp heroes, includes powers along with specialisms, adding a new dynamic to the game. Powers are like specialisms, but come in primary and secondary flavours. Like specialisms, powers give the character a bonus, but they also come with a bunch of information for role-playing too. Below is the character template for Phantom Detective. Character templates are for those players who want to get stuck in straight away rather than rolling up a brand new character.

DemonLord is the series of solo gamebooks that I'm writing using the USR system and you can see the prototype barbarian below. Again, this is a template  - USR promotes complete creativity when it comes to character creation, so there's nothing stopping you from creating a Druid Thief or a Ninja Nobleman.

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