Wednesday 20 March 2013

Google launches Google Keep, so you won't forget anything again

Google has launched a new product for Android and the web that lets you save notes on the fly, meaning you will never have to remember anything again. Well, maybe not.

Called Google Keep, this new app allows you to make manual notes as well as voice notes that it will automatically transcribe for you.

The official Android blog explains:
Every day we all see, hear or think of things we need to remember. Usually we grab a pad of sticky-notes, scribble a reminder and put it on the desk, the fridge or the relevant page of a magazine. Unfortunately, if you’re like me you probably often discover that the desk, fridge or magazine wasn’t such a clever place to leave the note after’s rarely where you need it when you need it. 
To solve this problem we’ve created Google Keep. With Keep you can quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what’s important to you. Your notes are safely stored in Google Drive and synced to all your devices so you can always have them at hand.

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