Monday 11 March 2013

Marvel is giving away comics, creating new shows and just what is Project Gamma?

There are lots of exciting things happening at the House of Ideas, according to Marvel's SXSW 2013 panel, including the publisher's plans to give away 700 comic books from tomorrow.

Marvel are powering ahead in their plans for digital innovation. The announced their plans for new online video content at their Marvel: House of Ideas panel in Austin, Texas. While they say that fans can currently get their fix of Marvel goodness from films, games and TV series, they have identified a gap in their market: online video.

According to the Marvel website:

"Among the new content announced: the Blair Butler hosted "Marvel's Earth's Mightiest Show," a weekly look into everything Marvel and pop culture, from news to celebrity interviews. Butler comes from the popular G4 series "Attack of the Show!"
Dedicated fans of Marvel's existing original series, "The Watcher" and "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!," will be pleased to know that they will be receiving an upgrade."

But that's not all. Marvel also announced Project Gamma, dynamic soundtracks for digital comics. These soundtracks will adapts to the reader's pace, essentially giving each reader a different experience. You can find more coverage and video over at Tech Crunch.

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, Marvel are offering fans 700 free downloads via their Marvel Unlimited app until Tuesday 12th March 11pm ET. However, you'll be lucky to get through because as of right now servers appear to be down.

The 700 contain many Marvel Now #1's and the publisher hopes to get people hooked with a free first issue.


  1. Are these 700 issues just #1's?

    1. There's a mixture. There are lots of one-shots and also almost full event books, which is cool. I've not been able to download any because of server errors.