Friday 27 September 2013

The Way of the Tiger Kickstarter Goes Live

The classic 80's gamebook sensation The Way of the Tiger comes roaring back to life in a new Kickstarter project, complete with all six original books in hardback plus a prequel and the 'lost' seventh book.

Having already gained the majority of its $10,000 goal, The Way of the Tiger is on its way to becoming something special, with the original creative team Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith taking the helm of the original books and David Walters penning the prequel.

The books, which include classic titles like Avenger! Assassin! and Usurper! will be completely reformatted and illustrated - and boy do they look gorgeous.

The Way of the Tiger series was renowned for its exciting martial arts-based combat, where the reader is able to pull off a variety of moves making for a visceral gaming experience.

List of full features from the Kickstarter page:

  • New covers and a full-colour interior: all the original drawings are being converted and redrawn by our artists.
  • Additional drawings for each gamebook.  Book 7's illustrations are tied to stretch goals (see below)
  • Text and gameplay edits from the original series: on the smaller scale, this means no risk of dead-ends or confusing errors.  On the bigger scale, this means enhancements to book 6, which was generally viewed as needing more love.  And, yes, all with the approval of Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson!
  • Enhanced character sheet with more space for your adventures.
  • Bigger book dimensions: 6"x9" so there's no cramped little book bending its paper spine in your eager hands.
  • Speaking of which . . . hardcover and perfect-bound!  Just right to lay flat and stay there while you roll dice!
  • Extra stock so you may complete your collection later: the "edition" is "limited" to what we can afford to print from your funding, but no, you don't have to buy the whole series at once for fear they'll "vanish"!
  • The new book 0 prequel, Ninja!, will be overseen by Mark and Jamie, written by our David Walters.  This will be a full-length gamebook available in two formats: hardback and DRM-free PDF.  (We do not have the rights to provide PDF format of 1-6.)
  • And perhaps the single most important feature: the long-awaited book 7, Redeemer!, in both hardback and DRM-free PDF format!  It finally will reveal the resolution to the generation-long cliffhanger!  Illustrations in this book will depend on stretch goals (see below).
I highly recommend backing this project, it's going to be awesome.

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