Saturday 28 September 2013

Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa? Available On Amazon

A while back I introduced readers to Andrez Bergen's fantastic superhero novel Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa. The book has become critically acclaimed and is now available to buy from Amazon.

The plot is very noir with lovely heapings of Kirby-esque four colour sensibilities and I highly recommend you read it.

Amazon blurb:

Heropa: A vast, homogenized city patrolled by heroes and populated by adoring masses. A pulp fiction fortress of solitude for crime-fighting team the Equalizers, led by new recruit Southern Cross - a lifetime away from the rain-drenched, dystopic metropolis of Melbourne. Who, then, is killing the great Capes of Heropa? In this paired homage to detective noir from the 1940s and the '60s Marvel age of trail-blazing comic books, Andrez Bergen gloriously redefines the mild-mannered superhero novel.

Go buy it!

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