Sunday 30 March 2014

The Swamp of Doom saga continues in Candlelight and Murky Water

Good news, everyone. Tom K Loney has just released his latest entry into the Trollish Delver/Peryton Publishing Tunnels and Trolls campaign with new adventure Candlelight and Murky Water.

The Swamp of Doom series hits its fourth instalment with this release, sending players back to the deadly murk that borders the foreboding Lake Bloodmoon. It's quicksand, crocodiles, leeches and even more unsavoury things like humanoid mosquitoes.

The series is part of the Peakvale campaign setting, an idyllic fantasy setting with a dystopian heart.

If you haven't played the previous adventures in the series, you can purchase and download them here.

Buy Candlelight and Murky Water.

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