Tuesday 9 December 2014

I am the thaw - check out these Judge Dredd cosplay penguins

That's 30 years in the 'ice-o cubes' (I slay me), creep! Blind Mouse Toys and 2000AD have come together to create a penguin cosplaying as Judge Dredd. Yes, this was one of the weirder releases I received today.

This Judge Dredd-flavoured bird is the first in the 'Cosplay Penguin' line, and can be yours for $40. Creds not accepted. It stands 11.5cms, features a comic-accurate costume and, get this, a non-removable helmet. Makes sense.

Produced under license from Rebellion and 2000 AD, Cosplay Judge Dredd Penguin was sculpted and painted by Joe Amaro with box art by Eamon O'Donoghue. The first 1,000 orders will receive a frameable copy of O'Donoghue’s box art.

To get all the latest news on the Cosplay Judge Dredd Penguin go to the Blind Mouse Toys Facebook page.

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