Saturday 27 December 2014

The Village on the Hill: all-ages non-violent storytelling game now available

I hope you're having a fantastic holiday season and that you got everything you wanted from Santa. I just wanted to announce the release of a little storytelling game called The Village on the Hill, which you can pay what you want to download.

In the game, players become little spirits called Kami, who have to help the villagers on the Hill overcome obstacles in their daily lives. Together the players craft a collaborative story focused on teamwork and positivity - there are no combat rule here.

Each Kami has their own coloured aura, which helps them undertake tasks. For instance, a Kami with the purple Aura of the Body is strong and athletic. Character sheets are kept incredibly simple, with a focus on storytelling and interaction over rules.

The game uses a framework of obstacles, consequences and resolutions to build a shared story.

I've released The Village on the Hill in beta form, so please feel free to offer feedback on how to improve the game.

Download The Village on the Hill now.

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