Friday 2 January 2015

Shadow & Blade: A Guide to Assassins in Tunnels & Trolls is out now!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for sticking with my little blog into 2015. As a celebration, I have release Shadow & Blade: A Guide to Assassins in Tunnels & Trolls as a pay what you want title.

They are some of the most feared people in the world - expert killers, proficient with poisons, blades, stealth and even magic. Assassin orders have embedded themselves into cities across Trollworld, from the 'Kingkillers' of Crown and Thorn to the Robin Hood-like Fist. You will never see them coming and then it will be too late.

Shadow & Blade is a guide for Tunnels & Trolls 7th edition, but can be converted easily to 5th and the upcoming Deluxe edition of the game. Inside, you will find the following:

  • 3 Assassin Orders, each with their own styles and back stories: The Fist, Crown and Thorn, and The Order of Crows
  • Tips on how to fit Assassin Orders into your game
  • 4 new Assassin character types: The Classical Assassin, The Assassin of The Fist, The Toxic Assassin and The Mage Assassin
  • A short solo adventure called The Assassin's Test, allowing you to put your new assassin through the ringer

Download Shadow & Blade now.

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