Wednesday 11 March 2015

d6 nightmares of the Neverwitch

It had been three hours since Sharna and Griff entered the Ash forest and the day was beginning to wane. As the orange glow of dusk's light struggled to penetrate the dense black foliage, the veteran explorers knew that they were not alone. 

Sharna had fetched kindling for the fire and Griff was spreading their bedrolls on the mossy, slightly damp ground. Both kept their weapons close, always keeping watch, wary of any movement around them. 

When night finally came and the fire was reduced to smoking cinders, Sharna and Griff slept a slumber that they would not soon forget. Their dreams were vivid and strange, almost as if they had a foreign energy about them. What was even more alarming was the fact that they seemed to share the same dreamscape. Over time the dreams grew nightmarish, and the adventurers found themselves battling against darkness itself. When they awoke, they found themselves covered in the wounds they suffered in their shared nightmare. 

The Neverwitch is a being who feeds on the nightmares of her victims. She is invisible - inhabiting the world between worlds and does not have a corporeal body. She is able to project dreams into the minds of the sleeping, and within the dreams she strikes, bending the nightmares to her will, appearing as various hideous incarnations.

When the PCs fall sleep the Neverwitch projects her nightmares. Roll 1d6 to see how she appears:

1. Root of Evil
The very ground, roots and plants in the surrounding area writhe and tangle into the forms of 1d4 Root Wolves. Their eyes burn with a fiery red and their teeth are solid bracken, easily rending flesh. Root Wolves are vulnerable to fire, and will retreat if burned.

2. The Return
Lifelike apparitions of the characters' loved ones appear before them. At first, they seem loving, talking sweetly to the characters and reminiscing about times gone by. However, over time they becoming menacing and their true forms show - a twisted portrait of their former selves. Their bones contort and their teeth sharpen into hideous fangs.

3. The Clothes Murder the Man
The very clothes on the characters' backs twist and thrust, attempting to strangle and asphyxiate their wearers. Armour crushes, boots keep them in place and gauntlets punch in a confusing, frenzied assault.

4. The Horned One
The world turns black, as if the sun itself has been extinguished by the hand of a mad god. From the ground a beast rises - with a goat-like head and the body of a warrior. Gnarled horns protrude from the beasts' head and cloven hooves stamp the ground down. The hellish creature screams, cracking its fiery whip and attacking its victims with a burning sword.

5. The Dead Rise
A cacophony of groans can be heard close by and before anyone knows what's going on a group of shambling corpses come into view, their grotesque visages causing utter revulsion in all who look upon them. There is only one thing that they crave: fresh meat...

6. Children of Doom
At first you hear the singing. A childish dirge that grows louder and louder. Then they appear. A group of pale, mesmerized children grow ever closer to their victims before pouncing at the last minute, revealing gaping maws of razor, howling and screaming as their thrash at their foes.

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