Saturday 25 February 2017

Herne the Hunter for Romance of the Perilous Land

Herne the Hunter
HD: 7(17)
HP: 7d6 (21hp)
Attack: Chain (d6+7)
Armour: 3

Special: Herne can blow his horn as an action. Anyone Near must make a Mind save or stop petrified. During this time they are unable to move, but they may take other actions. They can make a Mind save at the end of their turn to see if the effect wears off. In addition, normal weapons do half damage against Herne, while magical weapons and effects do double damage.

Herne the Hunter is a malevolent spirit who wears stag antlers on his head and rides a ghostly mare. The rattle of chains can be heard as he approaches, his eyes burn like hot coals. When he blows his horn a nightmarish wail echoes through the air, terrifying all who hear it. 

Herne has several ghostly followers collectively known as the Dark Hunters (use the stats for ghosts for these).

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