Thursday 23 February 2017

The Druid class for Romance of the Perilous Land

The druid is among the highest ranked religious figure in society and as such are held in great regard. They are born leaders, physicians, diplomats and lorekeepers. They are masters of divination and lead important ceremonies, including sacrifices. 

HD: 1d6+2
Primary attribute requisite: Mind 12 Weapon Proficiency: Light ranged, light melee. 
Armour Proficiency: Light   
Skills: Religious Knowledge (Mind), Natural Medicine (Mind), Diplomacy (Charisma)

Class Features

Lvl 1: Druidic Magic - druids gain access to the following spells at first level: A Heavenly Light, The Voice of a Hound, Cause the Alert to Slumber, Replenish the Weary and Worn and On Calming the Raging Beast. 

Lvl 3: Sacrifice Evil - once per day a druid may use a sacrificial dagger (which they begin with) to kill an enemy. If they do this, all allies within 100ft gains advantage on their next attack roll. 

Lvl 5: Destroy Evil - once per combat a druid may do +1d6 damage to a malevolent spirit creature. 

Lvl 7: Stand with Me - allies within 20ft of the druid gain 2 extra points of armour. 

Lvl 9: Armour of the Gods - Once per day a druid may pray to the gods to bless them with radiant armour. Attacks against the druid have disadvantage for 10 minutes. The druid also gains 4 extra points of armour until the feature wears off. 

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