Sunday 12 March 2017

Preview: Champion of Earth

Monsters - I love 'em. Few things happening make me happier than kicking back with a creature feature and a load of chocolate. Unfortunately, today I don't have any chocolate, but I do have a game about monsters to look at.

Champion of Earth is a card game that's just launched on Kickstarter and already has hit its £1000 goal (not a particularly large sum for a card game, it has to be said). The brains behind the game, Shades of Vengeance, sent along some preview material for me to wrap my eyeballs around.

From the outset, the game seems pretty simple. Each player controls characters - monster hunters, who battle against a row of bad guys set out in the centre of the board, nicely referred to as the oncoming horde. Players pick equipment, fight monsters and win corpses. The winner is the player with the most corpses. Pretty simple, right?

Monsters are split into undead, aliens and creature, so there's a mix of zombies, wererabbits, alien babies, mummies and more. It's like every b-movie has been thrown into a blender.

Equipment cards are equally weird, with ultraviolet light for taking down undead, toasters, segways and teleportation packs, making Champion of Earth feel like a bizarre 80s flick with modern day toys. I particularly like the Martian Pants, which allows you to trade for another piece of equipment - delightfully strange.

In terms of mechanics, it's all kept very simple, presumably in order to keep it quick paced. All you have to do is make sure your equipment score is equal to or above the monster's score. Of course, monsters and equipment have different abilities, so it's never going to be that cut and dry.

Also, good news for those who like to play solo, as you don't need anyone else to play - just see how you survive against the deck.

If Champion of Earth feels like something you would enjoy, support the game on Kickstarter.

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