Saturday 25 March 2017

Tequendria - Dunsanian fantasy roleplaying coming April

The world is wide. From the simmering sands of Khartoov, where the Cult of Hlo-Hlo worship their Spider God in their underground metropolis, to the frozen Yann where the threat of an ancient titan looms over the land, Tequendria is a place of fantastical adventure.

Become an undead-fighting Gravekeeper of Zum, a daredevil aethership pilot or a treasure hunting Hand of the Blue Court. There are 20 archetypes to choose from, with the option to roll randomly.

Tequendria is an upcoming USR- powered game heavily influenced by the works of Lord Dunsany. I've tweaked the system to ensure a better balance in combat and to make it easier for GMs to create their own creatures at appropriate levels. Combat is more advanced, with tactical rules, but also really simple to get your head around.

The game contains everything you need to play, including a bestiary, setting material and even some Dunsanian fiction.

Tequendria will be available in April (all being well) as a pay what you want PDF.

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