Thursday 28 September 2017

Observations from first edition Tunnels and Trolls

I've been having a re-read of the first ed of T&T and have come across some interesting stuff that I hadn't really noticed before.

  • The GM is called the Dungeon Master. I suppose this makes sense because up to then there was no other term for it.
  • Player actions are supposed to be relayed by one person on behalf of the group called The Voicer. Yep, one person leads the group and speaks for them.
  • Dungeons aren't drawn - they're 'dug'. I love this.
  • Magic-users (not wizards) can change into warriors. However, they lose all experience.
  • Misogynist is a monster type
  • If a monster reaches less than 10 con, players can enslave it temporarily until it revolts, or they can use magic to permanently tame it.
  • A Thompson machine gun has 16 dice
  • Magic-users are always the last to be hit in a combat
  • Supermarkets are built outside every dungeon
  • Monsters can go berserk

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