Sunday 1 October 2017

What's that rain?

There are two varieties of rain in the real world: regular and chocolate. Let's look at some other rain effects for your fairy games.

1. Undeath rain - seeps into the ground to raise hungry corpses.

2. Tree growth rain - the roots lap it up and the trees grow twice their size and start to whisper secrets of the area to anyone who will listen.

3. Doom rain - get this on your skin and feel paranoia and impending doom.

4. Manic rain - the harder the rain, the harder you laugh. You might keel over and choke. Hilarious.

5. Bee rain - this rain is bees. Millions of bees.

6. Monk rain - makes people turn silent. Literally, they cannot make a sound with their mouth or body. Not even clapping.

7. Hunger rain - the drenched feel famished. They must eat. They might even eat each other.

8. Corrosive rain - all armour begins to corrode. All skin and flesh melts away. Bone too.

9. Phero-rain - your skin is soaked in beast pheromones. You attract beasts of that species. This isn't necessarily a good thing.

10. Brain drain rain - you begin to forget. At first it's the little things, but then it's where you're from, your earliest memories, even who you are.

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