Thursday 28 December 2017

Some new cyberpunk weapons

All of these weapons were originally designed mechanically for my minimalist game Wired Neon Cities, but all are easily converted to you or favourite ruleset.

Lineage fucker (Katana) - this is a 10-folded blade imbued with a viral code. After the victim is slain with the Katana, the virus rapidly infects its still-living Glow module, accessing 'next of kin's files used by employers and emergency services, to then infect a son or daughter (or both). Once infected, they suffer an information overload in the form of over a billion porn pop ups until they fall into a coma. Hard TestMind to overcome this.

Samurai Blaster - it's a gun that fires Katanas.

Smilegun - a small sidearm (comes in many florescent colours). Virtual bullets pierce the mind and bring the victim to a state of uncontrollable ecstasy. They cannot attack in this state until they successfully TestMind. Does no physical damage.

Phase Rifle - a large sniper rifle. The scope sees perfectly through up to 100 ft of material. The bullet will shoot through up to 150ft of concrete.

Dumbgun - blows your metaphorical brains out. If a dumbgun bullet hits, TestMind. If the test fails, the victim increases their Mind die by a step. If this goes beyond 6+ they become brain dead.

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