Sunday 31 December 2017

Godfall - an adventure idea

It's unknown as to why Celanor, the god of clouds, fell from the sky and landed in a field north of Grimstone Farm. It's also unknown why the chap is dead all of a sudden.

Most people in a 150 mile vicinity felt the earth shake when the giant bearded deity crash landed onto mortal soil. After all, the corpse is over 50ft off the ground (lying down, as bodies often do) and 1600ft in length.

Naturally the explorers from the academic institutions were the first to rush over, followed swiftly by the Children of the Cloud. The first fights occured between the clerics and the academics. While the explorers wanted to delve inside the god and see what's what, the religious forbid it, labelling it sacred ground. They even posted several armoured clerics who came to be known as Guardians of the Heavenly Jaw by the mouth to ward off unwanted visitors.

Vistra Pux, halfling mayor of Grimstone, wants to take advantage of the fallen god. Her village is doing poorly since the etheran oil wells dried up a year ago. She sent a contingent of warriors to clear out the clerics - which began the Battle of the Left Shoulder. Pux allowed the academics inside on the proviso that they first report to her.

Only one of the six academics emerged. The others had died within. She told Pux that there were God Pearls within, worth millions on the market. Grimstone would thrive again.

Factions that may hire/hinder the PCs

- The academy needs escorts for future explorers to be venture in
- Adventurers have caught wind of the event and are beginning to arrive to seek their riches
- the Children of the Cloud want the god protected and cleansed of interference
- the city of Valator wishes to lay claim to the God Pearls over Grimstone
- where there is treasure, there are monsters

The God Dungeon

- After death, much of the god solidifies, so inside is almost like stone for the most part, but with ventricles and tubes and stomach acid
- Creatures have spawned within each organ. They are the Bovor, body dwellers. HD 4, AC 3, MV Normal, Dam tentacles 1d6.
- God Pearls appear within organs. The most are found in the brain (pearls of wisdom).
- God Pearls attract monsters
-  Magically rewiring the brain will allow someone to 'pilot' the god

Continuing the story 

There can be a lot of moving parts in this adventure so it's easy to continue throughout a campaign. The underlying mystery to be explored is why Celanor is dead. He's likely been murdered, but by whom and why? Have cults spring up around certain organs and charlatans flogging fake pearls (that actually drain their owner of intelligence).

What happens when another god falls? On the border of a kingdom? All out Godwar!

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