Thursday 17 May 2018

The grey kin of Beregond

The grey kin are the ancient offspring of high elves and deep dwarves who once came together in a unity they called Tuvanay, which in greytongue is The Binding. While taller and more slender in stature than dwarves, they are hardy and are known throughout Beregond for their fierce temper and loyalty.

Felegas is the crown king of Beregond, whose mother Sembelene was an elven general from far Turambor, the shivered dale. Eschewing the weilding of the dwarven greataxe, the grey kin use shinkalas - curved broad blades inscribed with the words of dead gods. Their armour is Beregondian mail, which allows for freedom of movement while being tough.

The grey kin seldom leave Beregond - there is much distrust of this folk from the realms of man, elf and even dwarf. Those who do venture out have a difficult time integrating.

  • +4 saving throws against magic effects
  • Dark vision up to 60ft
  • May find a secret door on a roll of 4+
  • Int 14+ may become a magic-user

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