Wednesday 25 April 2018

Blazing Sands campaign diary #6 - Carcosa revealed

Forgot to do my usual write up of last week's game, but to be honest it was essentially one big fight.

The PCs had uncovered Sultan Yassin's chambers where there found a marble chest. Inside they discovered a lamp. Ashana got pretty excited, but the party didn't particularly trust her (maybe she was too excited).

A rushing noise and a SLAM came from the main chamber and when they went to investigate they found the south doors shattered and the room filled with faceless stalkers and byhakees. In the centre was Hastur - the King in Yellow.

After some attacks they discovered that not only was Hastur impervious to damage, any melee weapon used would send an electric shock to the weilder. One PC got sucked into Hastur's cloak where they were trapped in a dark dimension for a while.

They figured out that there was a lake to the south beyond the room where a great gem was hovering. Those looking in the lake could see Carcosa reflected in it.

In the main fight Younis threw the lamp to Ashana, the genie binder, who released the Efreeti within and subsequently binded her. Of course, Ashana had never thought this far ahead - sheds dreamt of binding with a genie but didn't quite know what to do. Younis told her to have the genie defend them, as they were being assaulted by a byhakee. Cue a fight between Hastur and an Efreeti with a flaming falchion as the others tried to smash the gem over Carcosa that seemed to be giving Hastur power.

The gem eventually shattered, the portal to Carcosa closing. Hastur got ganged up on and was 'killed' (negated from this plain).

At the end, they were left, Ashana bound to the genie. The PCs told her to get rid of the genie, but she refused.

This week is the final session of the campaign, so let's see how it's all tied up.

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