Sunday 28 October 2018

10 better caravan guard hooks

Caravans are a boring mainstay, so here are some interesting caravans.

1. The caravan consists of several young yellow dragons, each with a little canvas tent on their backs.

2. The caravan is carting an unstable phase emerald that periodically shifts the entire caravan into a new, increasingly awful dimension.

3. The caravan is transporting a vampire clan who must stop to feed every two days.

4. The caravan shrinks by a meter every three days until it reaches its fairy city destination, 4 inches high. Of course, enemies appear much bigger.

5. The caravan is headed for the realm of the dead. Of course, the adventurers will have to die to get there.

6. The caravan is transporting dungeon sections, but one that has become inhabited by a hitch hiking race of crystalline humanoid. The PCs can communicate with the caravan head to move dungeon sections when they like.

7. The caravan is transporting a dying goddess to her final resting place. She's leaking divine magic, attracting angels like carrion.

8. The caravan is transporting cursed treasure from a shipwreck. The ghosts of pirates follow them. The curse causes random effects daily - d6: 1. Caravan members turn into rat people 2. Caravan members' feet are replaced with sponges 3. Clothing becomes heavier than lead 4. Speaking becomes impossible 5. 1d3 random caravan members' heads melt 6. Caravan members become deathly afraid of their own hair.

9. The caravan is an ancient nomadic frog tribe whose nightmares become reality when there's a full moon.

10. The caravan needs to keep the lamps burning, otherwise the shadowplague will get them. Oil is running low. The oil comes from the livers of fire giants.

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