Friday 23 October 2020

OSE: Finger Gharks


I've just awoken from a series of strange dreams brought on by a mixture of rich pork belly and whisky swirling inside my stomach and screwing with my mind. This creature came right out of one of those midnight vignettes.

Finger Ghark


AC9 (10)

Attacks Swell (special)

Thac0 17 (+2)

MV 0'

SV as MU 2



Treasure NA

- Swell: The ghark swells the finger to twice its size. The victim is unable to hold anything in that hand and take 1 damage. If the ghark repeats the swell it explodes, taking the end of the finger with it, doing 1d8 damage.

- Attacking a Ghark: The only way to kill one is to stab or bludgeon the finger. Any damage the ghark takes, the host takes half that damage.

Finger Gharks are parasites descended from the gremlin family of monsters. They are no bigger than a bacteria, but once inserted subdermally, usually through making their homes on thorns, they rapidly grow into their second form. This form is an ugly face with little serrated teeth sitting on the ends of the victim's finger. One person can have multiple Gharks on their hand, each taking up a digit. Gharks grow to full form in 1d4 hours, becoming uncomfortable. They're then able to swell the finger and burst open, littering the area with new bacteria sized Gharks. Chewing the bark of the guma guma tree kills the creatures off without harming the host. 

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