Monday 23 November 2020

Coming soon: Heartseeker

Gosh, it's been a month since I last posted. Safe to say this year is one for the toilet. But designers gotta design, so I decided to create a 2-page OSR game called Heartseeker to pass the time in lockdown.

And with 2 pages, I mean full rules and bestiary, like In Darkest Warrens. No messing around over here. It's not exactly a replica of any D&D edition, but adventure conversion is a breeze. 

Each character has just three abilities: Physical, Aura and Mental. These also double up as saves, with a roll under mechanic. 

You have five classes: warrior, cleric, wizard, thief and pathfinder. Each has an HD that also lets you know how much damage you do. I like this idea (I'm not the first to use it) because it makes sense to me that a dagger in the hands of a warrior is more deadly than a dagger in the hands of a wizard. Bloodlines are races (I don't like the term race in fantasy). They're human, halfling, elf and dwarf. The only bearing they have is languages known. 

AC is ascending because that's what all the kids are into these days. I do like descending AC but when you're doing just 2 pages then you need all the real estate you can get. 

Spells aren't Vancian, but they're one and done until you climb the levels. Wizards automatically have 6 spells they can cast while clerics have 3 prayers (but are generally better in combat). There's no upper level, so it's possible to have a jacked up level 40 wizard who can cast 10 of each spell per day. You won't, but you could.

It should be a fun, familiar game that can be printed out and quickly prepped for a game night. 

Patrons will get a copy as soon as it's ready and I'll open it up in the public domain so anyone can remix and hack it. 

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